4 reasons to start your day with a cup of coffee

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4 reasons to start your day with a cup of coffee

4 razones para iniciar tu día con una taza de café

Coffee has been considered for years as the perfect concoction to provide energy in the morning. That is why you deserve to know what are the 4 reasons to start your day with a cup of coffee, depending on whether your morning ritual is perfect and allows you to go out and face day to day with the best attitude.

It is true that there are currently teas, infusions or other drinks that are recommended to start the day with the best attitude, but coffee is everyone’s favorite. In addition, it has a great diversity to be prepared, with milk, cream, liquor or why not, you can also start the day with an iced coffee. So don’t think about it anymore, and discover the 4 reasons to start your day with a cup of coffee:

1. It’s natural

Above all, if we talk about our 1820 Coffee, which is less processed and no chemical additives are used in its preparation. Therefore, starting the day drinking this drink will make you feel sure that you are doing it in the healthiest way possible, since it does not contain calories, so to take advantage of its consumption, it is recommended without sugar, or alternatively, a good quality sweetener.

In addition, a cup of coffee is a greater source of antioxidants than green tea and red wine, which makes it the perfect complement to help eliminate known free radicals.

2. Helps fight premature aging

Coffee beans have endless benefits, however, they all reach their perfect point when it is prepared. What makes vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are consumed, being in this set of substances the most responsible for helping to delay the aging of cells, resulting in a delay in the appearance of the signs of aging.

3. Good for people with depression

Caffeine, being a natural stimulant, promotes a better mood and encourages memory to remain active. This is because one of its components blocks certain chemicals that affect the brain, while activating others that will allow you to feel more energetic and happy after starting your day with a cup of coffee.

4. It is beneficial for the liver

When people consume alcohol in excess, it is possible that they can develop liver cirrhosis, this is an autoimmune disease that, if timely solutions are not sought, can lead to liver failure and possible cancer. However, it has been shown that the consumption of a cup of coffee a day considerably reduces these possibilities, since this grain protects the liver.

Do you know what to start your day with?

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