Coffee: a perfect laxative for the mornings

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For years, coffee has been a case study for all its properties and the health benefits that its composition provides. And it is that not only its flavor and aroma make it one of the most consumed drinks in the world, but also everything it can do for the body. Today we will talk about a not so widespread benefit, but quite interesting. Are you curious? Let’s talk about the laxative properties of coffee.

Why does coffee act as a natural laxative?

When people suffer from constipation, there are foods that become the perfect complement. In the case of coffee, this is recommended thanks to the gastro colic reflex, that is, the effect it causes when drinking it. Where the stomach wakes up and begins to contract naturally and without pain. Which allows people to want to evacuate. In addition, other benefits are also recognized, such as:

1. Promotes muscular contractions of the large intestine

Having a cup of coffee in the morning, preferably without sugar or sweetener, is the ideal dose to stimulate the stomach. This causes a production of bile acids, which help achieve optimal digestion, as well as can favor the enzymes that are responsible for breaking down fats into fatty acids.

2. Its diuretic action helps fight constipation

This is the main reason why you can not exceed the coffee shots. Therefore, a cup is enough to stimulate and enjoy its diuretic properties, which can worsen any symptom if taken in excess. This is because this drink does not stay in the body, but degrades, which means that you have to urinate several times to expel it, that is, the more you drink, the more times you go to the bathroom.

If I combine coffee with sugar or milk, does it have the same effect?

The answer is no. However, it is not that it has no effect, but rather that it takes a little longer to stimulate the intestinal area.

You must be clear that with moderation and balance you can enjoy all the benefits that coffee can offer you. The objective is to understand that excesses are not viable if you want to enjoy it.

Is decaffeinated coffee also laxative?

With decaffeinated coffee it happens the same as with milk, that is, you can enjoy the benefits, but it takes a little longer for the body to assimilate it. However, if that is the option you like, you should know that this will also make you defecate, if you can take it without sugar and enhance it with a little powdered cinnamon, it could be an excellent combination.

Will you begin to enjoy the benefits of coffee?

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