Coffee, the drink that wakes up the world

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Coffee, the drink that wakes up the world

For some, coffee is simply a caffeinated drink that helps fight sleep. For others, a jewel that they can never do without. And it is that, although not everyone likes it, coffee has earned second place in the list of most consumed beverages in the world, only behind water.

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Any of the varieties of coffee is capable of making those long mornings in which you have to get up early out of obligation more bearable, making sleep disappear and be replaced by energy and power. Perhaps it is its aroma, its taste or its delicious characteristic foam, which attracts so much attention.

But why do so many people like it? Are you interested in knowing some curious facts and a bit of the history of this incredible energy drink? Maybe you will be surprised by some facts and learn more about your favorite drink.

A taste of coffee history

The origin of coffee dates back to the 13th century, although it is believed that it had been discovered earlier in Ethiopia. Most likely, coffee spread from Ethiopia to Egypt and Yemen. Then it gradually expanded, until it reached Europe.

The word coffee comes from the Arabic term, Qahwat Al-bun, which means grain wine. The first coffee shop opened in 1475 in Constantinople. At first it was a meeting place for educated people.

Why do you love your coffee?

According to biology, by detecting the bitter taste, the natural alert system should warn us to protect us from harmful substances. But a recent study has shown that people who drink coffee gain the ability to detect caffeine because of the stimulation it produces.

This shows that the preference for coffee, alcohol or tea has to do with our genetics directly and that some people are predisposed to accept the taste of coffee, while others simply reject it.

Fun facts about coffee

Did you know that freezing coffee beans can considerably improve their flavor? This happens because by cooling the grain, it can be ground better and extract a more concentrated flavor from it. Storing it in the freezer also helps it last longer. It is also said that more roasted grains can provide fewer nutrients to the body.

In addition, coffee also has some curiosities that not everyone knows. Can you guess them?

  • The United States is the country where the most coffee is consumed.
  • Milk decreases the effects of the drink.
  • Saliva can remove half of the true flavor of coffee.
  • It is one of the most commercialized products, along with Coca Cola.
  • In France there is a cafe where if you are not friendly and courteous, the coffee is more expensive.

Did you learn something new about your favorite drink? As they say, knowledge is power and it never hurts to know what surrounds us thoroughly. Especially if it is something as captivating as coffee.

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