Kinds of coffee lovers: which one are you?

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Kinds of coffee lovers: which one are you?

Qué tipo de amante del café eres

The coffee in the morning is part of many people’s daily routine. Whether it’s cappuccino, Italian or even cold brew coffee, this drink is the way to start the day right … Or so coffee lovers think. If you share a close bond with this delicious drink, read on and find out what kind you are.

Kinds of coffee lovers


Drinking coffee from time to time, meaning infrequently, is fine with some people and they would never say they are coffee lovers. However, at Café 1820 we have discovered that there are different types, and this includes those who are occasional drinkers! Read the description of each one and share it with your friends and family.

Remember that it is only a content to distract you a little from your daily activities. Have your favorite coffee, but always Café 1820!

The “first thing in the morning”


This type of coffee lover can’t start the day without having a cup of coffee. They usually have a coffee maker at home. If you stay at their house or stop by first thing in the morning to go to school or work together, the smell of fresh coffee will be the first smell you notice.

You usually find it accompanied by a cup, and perhaps you have a collection of cups, always within everyone’s reach in the kitchen.

His favorite phrase when there are visitors at home is: Does anyone else want a coffee?

The «I don’t drink coffee, but I’ll make an exception»


He is the type of person who expects a formal invitation to have a cup of coffee and, without a doubt, they will always say something like “I don’t usually drink coffee, but you insist.”

Of course, you want a cup of coffee!

Also known as “the secret admirer of coffee”, probably keep every single one of the cups that get at Christmas exchanges and… Hush! Don’t tell anyone! Probably have several bags of 1820 coffee in your cupboard. If one day they discover it, maybe will say “just in case there are some visitors”, but we all know the true: a daily coffee at the end of the day.

The “can it have more sugar?”


This type of coffee lover likes to drink it at least twice a day, but they don’t like the bitter taste it has as much. For this reason, put one, two, three, four, five … Stop! It’s too much sugar!

If you have a friend with these characteristics (or you are), invite him (yourself) to put some milk on him or some substitute. So much sugar can cause health problems!

The «coffee trends»


The simple preparation of coffee does not go with it: it keeps up to date with the different trends and preparation methods that appear or are innovated. He knows how to prepare lattes, cappuccinos, cold coffee, iced coffee, American, Irish, Italian… Knows all the delicious recipes we share on our website and always make it with big success.

Tip: If you want to taste delicious coffee, reach out to your friend «coffee trends». It is a guarantee that you will taste the best homemade coffee of your life.

«The infinite cup»


A coffee before leaving home, another when you get to the office, one more in the middle of the morning… You always find him with a hot cup of coffee and probably no one will notice the exact moment when he/she refills it!

It looks like a coffee cup haunted by the power of the infinity coffee!

This type of coffee lover often loses track of how much coffee he drinks in the day, but is generally relaxed.

The «just coffee _____, please»


He/she only has a favorite coffee and you will very rarely see him order another type. While he may seem boring, it is part of his/her routine and he/she is a coffee lover! So, from Café 1820, we support your decision to take only one kind of coffee.

It doesn’t matter who you are or if you identified with more than one, remember that Café 1820 is your best option. Our coffee is prepared with selected beans to guarantee the highest quality. You have to taste it! Take Café 1820 to your home and taste the unique and genuine flavor that we have for you.