Costa Rica Coffee: Why It’s Best & Where to Buy It

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Costa Rica Coffee: Why It’s Best & Where to Buy It

Costa Rica Coffee

Costa Rican Coffee is considered one of the most requested beans since ancient times. This is because Arabica grains are grown in the Costa Rican lands. This grain is capable of producing a much more complex flavor profile, with more body and very tasty.

In fact, the production of any other type of coffee was prohibited on these borders. The reason is that, since 1989, they have been committed to producing and exporting the highest quality coffee.

Although Arabica beans are more complex to grow, the results are worth it and everyone appreciates them. In fact, Costa Rican farmers managed to obtain such a specific production, that it is practically a delicious science.

Why is Costa Rican coffee the best?

The environment is a fundamental aspect of the coffee bean cultivation process. The Costa Rican climate is as responsible for the taste of your coffee as the Arabica commitment we mentioned.

Arabica producing plants are complex to manage, so you need an ideal environment to exclusively produce the strain. And these are characteristics that Costa Rica, without a doubt, possesses.

The advantages of the Tico territory

The exquisite Costa Rican coffee is no accident. It is the result of a set of factors, keys to a good coffee. These include:

  • Costa Rican soil has a volcanic origin with little acidity.
  • Soil temperature of Costa Rica is between 17 and 28 degrees C.
  • The altitude between 800 and 1700 meters and the annual rainfall between 2000 and 3000 millimeters are ideal for this type of crop.

In addition to these factors, it is necessary to highlight the advanced technology provided by the coffee sector. Harvesting the beans is done manually and only the ripe beans are collected, which allows a better washing of the coffee.

There is also a process of beneficiation via humidity and mechanical drying and in the sun. All these efforts have been focused on producing sustainable coffee with nature, avoiding agrochemicals.

Where can you buy Costa Rican coffee?

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