Difference between cappuccino coffee and coffee with milk

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Difference between cappuccino coffee and coffee with milk

Among the multiple combinations that exist of this popular drink, cappuccino coffee and coffee with milk are among the most popular and beloved presentations. Its pleasant flavor and composition with milk makes it consumed by adults, children and even by those who do not drink coffee regularly. However, there are differences between these two presentations and they should not be confused.

cappuccino coffee and coffee with milk

What are the differences between cappuccino coffee and coffee with milk?

Once you are an expert it is very easy to differentiate between the two. But, for this, it is important to know what makes them different from each other. Here we tell you:

1. Ingredients

Although both are made up of coffee and milk, they are not implemented in the same way. While to make what we popularly know in Latin America as coffee with milk, a portion of 50% coffee and 50% milk is necessary, for cappuccino it is different. The correct indications for a cup of cappuccino is that it must contain 75% coffee, 25% milk and foam that must be prepared through milk.

When we measure these ingredients based on their nutritional contribution, we will be able to see a greater difference. While a standard cup of latte has only 40 calories, a cup of cappuccino can reach up to 130 calories due to its amount of foam and integrated milk.

2. Preparation

Its main difference lies in its preparation, since it is completely different and uses its ingredients in other ways. The preparation of coffee with milk is quite simple, whether homemade or made by specialists in the area, you will simply need to prepare an adequate dose of coffee and accompany it with the same amount of warm or hot milk.

Coffee with milk is a very simple and versatile presentation that does not require rigorous measures or complicated techniques. The proportions of coffee or milk to be used can be adjusted according to the tastes of the consumer and will not represent any alteration to the original drink.

For its part, in the cappuccino everything changes. Although it can be prepared easily at home, it requires careful techniques to be prepared as in its original version.

To prepare a cup of cappuccino it is necessary to combine 75% of coffee with steamed milk and previously prepared foam. It is usually prepared with the help of instruments such as hand mixers or specialized tools, so it does not have a preparation as simple as the one we know from coffee with milk.

Also, it is very common for cappuccinos to be accompanied in their preparation by what is known as latte art, where visual embellishments such as foam designs, cinnamon art or figures made with chocolate powder are integrated.

3. Size

Another important difference to note is its standard size. While lattes are commonly served in large cups of at least 250 ml, cappuccinos should be served in smaller cups. This is because its main composition is concentrated coffee known as espresso, which together with its concentrated foamed and steamed milk, is reduced to a size of generally 180 ml.

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