Does coffee enforts memory?

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Does coffee enforts memory?

Does coffee enforts memory

It doesn’t matter if you consume cold coffee, capuccino or American style, there are many myths and truths surrounding this drink. In this article, in CafĂ© 1820 we want to talk about one of them: Does drinking coffee improve memory? Read on and find out below.

Drinking coffee improves memory: reality or myth


After conducting a series of studies, Michael Yassa, a scientist at Johns Hopkins University, discovered that caffeine can enhance some memories up to 24 hours after consumption. This study was developed in subjects who do not have a habitual caffeine consumption.

To test the theory, a group of pictures was shown to the participants. Afterward, part of them received a placebo. The others have a tablet containing 200 milligrams of caffeine. The study was conducted on people who do not use caffeine. After 24 hours, people were asked to recognize the images seen. People who consumed the caffeine had a higher percentage of recognition.

But the study was not that simple. Some images were exchanged for similar ones. This could confuse anyone with a good memory, but they were answered in the right way by those who consumed caffeine.

While the result was favorable, Michael Yassa indicates that there is still a long way to go. It seeks to discover the mechanisms from which the process of memory increase and brain behavior occurs. Scientists suspect about the hypothalamus, which is responsible for short and long-term memory.

How does caffeine work in the body?

Caffeine acts as a stimulant that directly affects the brain. On several occasions it has been shown to produce a significant increase in alertness. But, even with the results obtained by Michael Yassa, the effects of caffeine on memory do not have a stable record. On the contrary: it is so variable that quantification is not possible.

Other studies, added to the discovery made by Yassa, indicate that caffeine can improve global aspects of memory. And further research shows that this benefit depends on the state you are in.

In other words: caffeine only improves memory if it is consumed at the time of receiving the information as in later moments. If caffeine is consumed before or after to get the information, its performance will be poor and memory capacity will be diminished.

This same research suggests that if you want to remember something and you do not have caffeine in your body, the effect will be adverse. With this, it could be concluded that the body requires an amount of caffeine similar to that used at the time of receiving the information.

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