Does decaf coffee contain caffeine?

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Does decaf coffee contain caffeine?

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It may seem like an absurd question because of the terms used. However, you have to know that decaffeinated coffee does contain caffeine, in a minimal proportion compared to traditional coffee, but it does and that is the truth. It turns out this way because to date a procedure has not been achieved that eliminates 100% of this component, at most it reaches 97%, it all depends on the type.

Consequently, it can be said that there is approximately 3% caffeine in each grain, which means that although it is called decaffeinated coffee, the reality is that it is not totally. The positive is that with a cup you continue to enjoy the benefits of coffee.

What is caffeine?

To understand a little more about the subject, it should be known that the famous caffeine is a chemical substance considered alkaloid. Why? Due to its psychoactive and stimulating effect on the central nervous system, that is why when taking it, many people express that they manage to regulate their energy.

This is not only present in coffee beans, but can be found in more than 60 tea leaves, cola nuts, which is the one used for certain drinks, and in cocoa pods. The latter are the ones used in the production of certain chocolates.

How much caffeine is in a decaf coffee?

Determining the exact degree of caffeine that a coffee bean has is not possible, so indicating the exact amount that a decaffeinated coffee has is difficult. Although estimates are made, where the most accurate indicate that 150 ml contains only 3 mg of caffeine. These are based on the following characteristics:

  • Depending on the coffee bean: since Arabica is obtained in a very different way from Robusto. The first option being the one that in itself brings a lower degree of caffeine in its raw material.
  • The procedure applied: since just as they are harvested differently, both require different processes to remove the caffeine from the grain. In other words, if they use CO₂ or water to obtain decaffeinated coffee, their level of this component is much lower than those that are processed with ethyl acetate or methyl chloride.
  • According to the type of preparation: those decaffeinated coffees that are made with traditional methods usually have less caffeine than those that are prepared in an espresso machine.
  • Depending on the size: a small decaffeinated coffee with the dimensions of a coffee slice, due to its size, will undoubtedly have a lower amount of caffeine than a traditional coffee.

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