Does temperature affect coffee properties?

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Does temperature affect coffee properties?

You may be a coffee lover and have heard somewhere that drinking cold coffee is much better and that the temperature it is at somehow influences its composition. But to what extent this is true? Would you like to know once and for all if temperature has something to do with the properties of coffee? Stay to find out.

coffee propertiesHow does cold coffee change its properties?

Since the famous cold coffee emerged in 1957 in Greece, this variant has been becoming popular and increasing its presence, especially during the hottest months of the year. In addition, rumors have been heard that this variant is better and that it changes the properties of the coffee.

The truth is that various studies have shown that, indeed, drinking cold coffee is different from consuming it hot, so:

  • Cold coffee has a hydration capacity as strong and effective as that of water itself. This makes it perfect in the summer months.
  • Cold coffee has a lower acidity than hot coffee, completely changing its properties and benefits.
  • The flavor is also different, since by losing part of the acidity, it acquires a sweeter, softer and less intense taste.
  • Helps you feel happier. This incredible discovery was made possible by Harvard University, which discovered that people who regularly drink this type of coffee feel more happiness than those who simply drink it the traditional way.
  • It is perfect for sports. This finding was discovered thanks to several American universities and experts, who concluded that consuming a cup of cold coffee before playing sports helps burn more calories, as well as reduce hunger after training and reduce pain. Sounds perfect, right?

The right way to consume cold coffee

Although it seems that cold coffee is an excellent option, which also has many benefits, there are many who do not know how to prepare it correctly.

And it is that, it is not just about adding a couple of cubes to the coffee, in order to cool it. Doing this will only dilute the coffee and spoil all its flavor and intensity.

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