Frappuccino: what is it and how to prepare it?

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Frappuccino: what is it and how to prepare it?


The frappuccino has captivated the world’s population since its appearance. Its name comes from the acronym frappé and cappuccino. This coffee has had important variations, but its essence remains as the first day.

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What is a frappuccino coffee?

It is a refreshing, great-tasting and very complete drink, which has become fashionable in recent times. The concept of the word frappuccino itself is patented by Starbucks, but that does not prevent you from enjoying its flavor outside the establishment.

This drink has its original recipe, true, but at Café 1820 we have our own version. Before getting to it, we want you to know the different types that exist.

Types of frappuccino

There are variants that have been created as a result of the original frappuccino recipe. Each of them has been designed to meet the needs of coffee lovers.

And it is that this drink has become the favorite of those who in the summer want to continue drinking their coffee, and refresh themselves at the same time. These include:

1. Decaffeinated Frappuccino

In this case, the traditional coffee is not used, but the one from which the highest percentage of caffeine has been extracted by washing. The process of making this frappuccino with the traditional one is the same, it only changes a little flavor.

2. Frappuccino creme

For this case, a cream base is usually used, which gives consistency to the lumpy frappuccino, considering it very similar to Milkshake.

3. Frappuccino with soy milk

This has been the version for coffee lovers who do not consume dairy. Thanks to this variant, people with lactose intolerance or who have decided to lead a vegan lifestyle can enjoy its flavor.

How do you prepare?

The frappuccino is a type of coffee that is characterized mainly by drinking it ice cream. The original version adds:

  • Half a cup of espresso, preferably freshly brewed
  • 2 1/2 cups of low-fat milk
  • Four to six ice cubes
  • Sugar to taste

Once you have everything:

  • Place the ingredients in a blender, jar or container
  • Shake or mix well until everything is incorporated
  • Served very cold. The consistency should be creamy

Some people add cream to give it this consistency. Do you feel ready to prepare it?

Can you customize it?

Undoubtedly. This modality of coffee has many ways and admits variety in its ingredients. With them, it is possible to take a different approach, achieving flavors that suit your style.

Some of the ingredients you can add are:

  • A coffee other than espresso.
  • Add a layer of chantilly cream as a hat.
  • Add a scoop of chocolate or vanilla ice cream.
  • Liqueur
  • With dulce de leche


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