Froth milk at home with Café 1820

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Froth milk at home with Café 1820

Knowing how to prepare froth milk at home can be a key point that would change the morning routines of many people. For the most part, coffee consumers do not access elaborate preparations such as Latte or Frapuccino until after leaving their homes.

For this reason, at Café 1820 we want to show you different ways to make froth milk without too many complications. In this way you can enjoy a delicious coffee with a delicate foam and from your own home. Surprise yourself with how easy it can be to add that extra touch to your usual cup of coffee.

4 ways to froth milk at home

Our top quality products guarantee a final result as good as that of your favorite coffee shop. In fact, many specialized stores partner with our company to guarantee freshness in their coffees, knowing that the selected beans in our packages increase their inventory.

However, achieving that level of flavor in specific and complex beverages like espresso is directly dependent on the methodical brewing of the barista. Therefore, when you prepare milk foam at home you have to take care of certain details to achieve that ideal consistency, and the following methods will help you.

1. Using a microwave

When you heat the milk using the microwave, for about 30 or 40 seconds, and then stir it, the consistency will stay longer in that desired foamy solid state.

Note: this step can be incorporated into any of the following methods, and we recommend using it for hot drinks.

2. Manually

This is the alternative available to everyone, regardless of the inventory of utensils in your kitchen. You can use an airtight container and beat a small amount of milk vigorously for a minute, you will see how the foam comes out.

You can also use a simple stirrer on a deep container to beat by hand with enough force. Of course, with this option you will have to beat the hot milk for longer.

3. With a slotted spoon

They can be manual or electric. They consist of a small specialized jug for frothing milk. Sometimes they heat the milk at the same time they churn it. Although in most of their presentations they simply take care of moving the milk enough with a grid until it is full of bubbles.

4. Using an electric blender

It is also a viable alternative that is available to almost everyone at home, and the best way to guarantee its success is by using minimum quantities of milk that do not exceed 200 ml. If it is about those portable blenders that work without a glass to mix in external containers, it is easier to preserve the integrity of the foam when it is transferred to the coffee cup.

With these four simple ways to make foam you can enjoy a delicious drink with Café 1820 as your best friend.

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