How many varieties of coffee are there in Costa Rica?

How many varieties of coffee are there in Costa Rica?

¿Cuántas variedades de café hay en Costa Rica?

In Costa Rica there are coffee regions that are not the ones with the most production if we talk about quantity, however, in terms of quality they occupy the main places. This is due to the varieties of coffee that the Ticos have, where its good flavor and aroma predominate in each of the types of this grain.

The selection of coffee available in Costa Rican lands makes them a highly demanded grain by drinkers of this drink. Its good body, acidity, its fruity, sweet and citrus tasting notes, allow you to enjoy a coffee flavored with apples, blueberries and even nuts.

In total there are 7 varieties of coffee that can be found in Tico lands, since it is a region of very high yield, with the existence of warm areas and acidic soils ideal for the production and harvest of these grains.

How are the different varieties of coffee grown in Costa Rica?

To understand how Costa Rica has become such a coffee growing area, it is necessary to know that its location is strategic. This is because it is located in the famous coffee belt, on a line near Ecuador, where there are high mountains where not only this grain is grown, but also various necessary foods. Therefore, the coffee tree is planted at a height between 1,200 and 1,800 m.a.s.l.

That is why it has the privilege of granting such quality with the coffee beans that are produced, special for all tastes, from the most acidic to those whose aroma captivates everyone in the place. Another aspect that makes the Ticos privileged are the volcanic lands that offer fertile soils for cultivation.

Therefore, in this belt you can have a land capable of seeing the birth, growth and development of all types of grain of the coffee plant. In addition, they always take care of their cultivation practices, doing it in the following way:

1. Insecticides are not used

Coffee producers try to apply the best strategies so that it is not necessary to use insecticides in their coffee plantations. In order to offer a more natural type of coffee. However, when they want to eliminate and control weeds, they use an agrochemical, but not by air, but plant by plant to make it more effective.

2. They grow under shade

This action has several positive effects, one of them is that the leaves that fall from the coffee plant serve as organic fertilizer, which gives more life to the soil. This fertilizer is a perfect complement to prevent erosion on the land.

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