How many watts does your coffee maker consume?

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How many watts does your coffee maker consume?

Are you curious to know how much the appliances you have at home consume? If you want to save money on your electricity bill and contribute to the plan by implementing energy saving techniques, today we will tell you how many watts your coffee maker consumes, and thus you will know how preparing the different types of coffee every morning affects your bill.

How many watts coffee maker consume

The truth is that current coffee machines or small appliances do not consume a high level of energy. Since, if they are used correctly, they can continue to be the perfect kitchen helpers. A trick that you can apply could be that instead of making coffee several times a day, take advantage of it and in a single opportunity make the maximum capacity that it supports.

Analysis of the consumption of this type of electrical appliances concludes that 5% of the annual billing, approximately 200 kWh per year, is related to them. Taking into account that from when it is plugged in until it is turned off, where it was also observed that the highest energy consumption occurs when keeping the coffee hot.

Analyze how many watts your coffee maker consumes

When you choose a model with this particularity, you will observe month after month the energy savings it represents, thanks to the fact that this is the ideal option when you know how many watts your coffee maker consumes. Therefore, buy those that have the energy efficiency classification A + + + on their consumption labels, in turn they must be modern, since the newer their manufacture, the less energy consumption they will have.

In addition to that, you have to locate coffee machines that integrate the automatic shutdown function, in order to reduce the watts it consumes. Since, as is known, it is precisely in this period of maintaining the temperature of the coffee that the expense rises the most.

Another option is to resort to the classic and opt for Italian-type, plunger coffee makers or even fabric strainers or infusers. What is sought when using any of these is to save a few colones per month. And with them you will achieve, because their coffee making process does not include electrical appliances, which means that it is a little slower, but it meets the objectives.

When paying attention to how many watts your coffee maker consumes, you also need to take into account other elements of coffee. Like the filters, the capsules and the grains being as organic as possible, perhaps the initial comparative study is tedious. However, remember that the effort is made only once and then goes directly to each article.

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