How to make ristretto coffee with Café 1820

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How to make ristretto coffee with Café 1820

ristretto coffee

Are you one of those that a very strong coffee in the morning can change your day? Then ristretto coffee is for you. It is very similar to espresso, however, this is usually more of a shot type, making it a more concentrated drink. It even tastes very different from other versions, as the bean’s own acids are not extracted, allowing you to enjoy its pure flavor.

But what does Ristretto mean? For this term of Italian origin there are two very similar concepts, one describes it as a shot and the other as a restricted espresso. If you still cannot identify which one it is, don’t worry, we will tell you everything about this coffee below.

Characteristics of Ristretto coffee

This version of coffee is not as well known as espresso, however it has a selective audience. Many people tend to believe that since there is less water and the same amount of coffee, it is more bitter, but this is false, since a coffee from Costa Rica, like ours, is more pleasant and smooth on the palate. In the Ristretto the following stands out:

  • Water temperature: it is usually very similar to that used to make other versions of coffee and should be between 90 and 93 degrees.
  • Number of grams of coffee: the approximate is 7 grams, you can even get capsules with this amount.
  • Dose of water: the Ristretto according to its version should not exceed 15 or 30 ml of water, and is served in a small espresso cup.
  • The duration of the infusion: the peculiarity of the Ristretto is that once extracted, you must wait about 25 seconds for all its compounds to activate and to enjoy its aroma and flavor.

How to prepare it

The Ristretto coffee has different ways of preparation, and all the coffee variants are unique and significant:

1. Classic Ristretto

The classic or traditional Ristretto is prepared with the same amount of coffee as an espresso, but it is made in less time. In other words, the amount of water intended for this type of coffee is extracted in approximately 15 seconds.

2. Double Ristretto

To have the result of a double Ristretto we would be talking about a coffee with the amount of water of an espresso, this means 30 ml. But, it is extracted in the same way in 15 seconds. Doing it this way allows for a less intense and silkier result than the original.

Differences between Ristretto and Espresso

One of the main differences observed in these coffee variants is that the Ristretto is creamier, less bitter, with less caffeine and is extracted in just 15 seconds.

While espresso is acidic, bitter and in turn has a higher level of caffeine. In addition, its extraction time exceeds 25 seconds.

After knowing the benefits of a Ristretto coffee, start the mornings with a good cup of the unbeatable flavor that your Café 1820 can give you.

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