How to store coffee correctly?

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Cómo conservar tu café adecuadamente

How to store coffee correctly?

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages around the world. In fact, it has even become an important part of today’s culture. We constantly see references in movies and even songs about this delicious drink. However, have you ever learned how to store coffee?

There are many myths on what’s the right way to store coffee, and no matter if its ground or beans, you should keep in mind there are 4 enemies that can affect negatively the taste, and smell of the precious drink.

4 enemies you need to avoid when storing coffee

When it comes to storing coffee there 4 elements you need to keep away to avoid changes in its taste and flavor:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Heat
  • Light

First of all, you should know that coffee is hygroscopic. It means that it absorbs water from the air, which results in the coffee losing its essential oils, accelerating its aging process.

Heat, on the other hand, causes the coffee beans to break down, losing its flavor. And finally, light, a common enemy of most foods. If you want to keep your bread fresh keep it away from the sunlight, right? Well, same thing goes for coffee.

Ground coffee or coffee beans?

Did you know that coffee starts to lose its freshness after being roasted? This means, that coffee beans remain fresh for more time than grounded coffee. If you like to roast your own coffee, then keep the coffee beans instead of roasting the whole package immediately.

Keep in mind that the ideal time for coffee to rest after roasting is four to six days, this way it will expel a lot of CO2. This will prevent oxidations and allow the coffee flavors to fully develop.

Tips on how to store coffee properly

Know that you know the elements that can affect your coffee, take note of this tips that will help you keep your coffee fresh for longer:

Avoid the freezer

One of the many myths around storing coffee is that keeping it in the freezer will make it retain its flavor for longer.  However, keep in mind that humidity can get into the packaging and affect its freshness.

Besides, since coffee can absorb flavors and odors that are carried by the water, you’ll have a cup of coffee with a little mix of everything stored in your freezer.

Find a dark, dry place

The best place to store your coffee is in a pantry or cabinet, where it is kept away from the sun, water and moisture. You also need to make sure the temperature is cool, so avoid cabinets that can get hot from cooking or sunlight exposure.

Use an opaque container

Coffee beans look pretty inside of glass containers, however this way they are exposed to light, which affects its freshness. The ideal container would be a ceramic or opaque glass with an airtight seal.

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