Ideas for pairing your cold coffee

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Ideas for pairing your cold coffee

pairing your cold coffeeYou want options for pairing your cold coffee, but you don’t know what kind of food you can create an explosion of flavors within your mouth. Don’t worry, at Café 1820 we bring the best options to achieve it and surprise you and your loved ones.

Both iced and hot coffee continue to grow every day. Those who try it know that they can have true flavor experiences on their palate, surprising even the most demanding tasters. Therefore, we tell you the best options to pair it.

1. Ice Cappuccino and sweet desserts

Cold coffee and sweet desserts are considered one of the best combinations, because their smooth and delicious flavor has the perfect elements that increase the ability to please even the most exquisite. So when you try it you will notice that it has no competition.

Many components are not usually used for its preparation, the ideal is that you make it in the espresso presentation, and then reserve it until it is at room temperature or cold. Finally, you beat it in the blender with ice and milk foam or cream. In this way, you will have your cold coffee to enjoy with a dessert, it can be a paqué, a cake or even a fluffy bread with cinnamon and sugar.

2. Espresso coffee and vanilla ice cream

Pairing is ultimately testing which combination is the one you like the most. Would you like a vanilla ice cream with coffee? This combination was born in Italy, but in Costa Rica they strive so that it has nothing to envy.

In that European country, this mixture is known as Affogato and it is a dessert for them, however, the preparation is the same as that we savor as Ticos. A good espresso accompanied with a portion of vanilla ice cream.

3. Cold Brew

The Cold Brew is a combination of coffee and nuts, whether they are walnuts, peanuts, almonds or cocoa beans. This mixture is perfect if you are talking about pairing your cold coffee, since it offers the possibility of enjoying the pure flavor of the bean, without neglecting the refreshing and natural option provided by its companions.

For its preparation, you must first know that it is totally different from traditional coffees that are made with hot water. In this, its extraction process is carried out using water at room temperature and a coarse grain, which can make this procedure last between 15 and 24 hours. This will depend, directly, on the results you want to obtain. 

Of course, fans of this drink presume that the sensory characteristics it provides are less acidic and bitter.

Do you already know what to pair your coffee with?

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