Is it OK to put the coffee in a thermos?

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Is it OK to put the coffee in a thermos?

Llevar café en termo

Whether in a cafeteria glass or your favorite cup, drinking coffee will always be a pleasant experience. There are times when the routine forces people to carry their drink with them so that they can consume it at all times. So the question about whether it is good to put the coffee in a thermos or not is something very frequent.

Taking this into account, at Café 1820 we explain everything to know if you should place the coffee in a thermos or not.

Why do some people believe that placing coffee in a thermos affects its composition?

Placing espresso coffee in a thermos is a fairly widespread practice among true lovers of this drink. Especially among those who work in areas that do not allow them to access it for part of their day, or simply want to bring their own coffee.

At the same time, there is a false belief that storing coffee for a long time in these thermal glasses alters its flavor. However, this only occurs in those that are made with low quality grains. Well, the constant exposure to heat that is kept inside the thermos accelerates its oxidation, which intensifies the bitterness.

Therefore, if you try to put your coffee in a thermos for reasons of a trip or you simply need to do it that way every day, we advise you to buy a quality coffee like ours.

This is because regardless of whether it is the instant solution presentation or the traditional coffee beans that are ground at home, they would always be acquiring selected beans with guarantees of coffee excellence.

Recommendations for the consumption of coffee in thermos

There are other recommendations that can improve the experience among those who want or need to bring their coffee in a thermos. In fact, most of them are directly related to the glass or thermos, and for this reason, do not leave these three tips aside.

1. Choose resistant models

Try as much as possible to acquire a thermos that is resistant to impacts and that its internal and external coating is made of stainless steel. Preferably, opt for brands that have proven the duration of the temperature inside the glass.

2. Keep the thermos uncovered

When the thermos is not in use, you must store it uncovered. In this way you will avoid the accumulation of those characteristic and unpleasant odors associated with containers that are closed with moisture inside.

3. Take proper care

The cheaper the thermos, the more delicate it will be against impacts and scratches. Therefore, you should wash them with soap and water without resorting to metal sponges that can scratch the steel surface. Well, you would be creating microscopic spaces for the proliferation of bacteria that would alter the flavor of the coffee.

As a last piece of advice, the quality of the product is key to its taste. Do not neglect this detail, so you can be sure that your coffee will taste like freshly made regardless of whether you drink it at the moment or keep it in your thermos to drink later.

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