Latte: what is and how to prepare it

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Latte: what is and how to prepare it

Café Latte: qué es y cómo prepararlo

Sitting down with friends to talk accompanied by this drink is one of the most pleasant sensations there is. However, sometimes it can get a bit awkward when you don’t know how to do all of its variations. For this reason, we invite you to learn more about latte coffee, what it is and how to prepare it, so that you become the star host and every time your friends want to come back.

Café latte means coffee with milk in Italian, this is a drink that in its preparation is where you learn to value what it is. Since at first glance you can see that it is made from an espresso and its respective milk, however, the true art is in the amount that is used.

This is usually prepared with a third of the espresso coffee plus two thirds of hot milk, accompanied by a centimeter of foam, which must be perfect to capture any type of decoration on it. Among the existing variations of this drink are iced coffee, cappuccino, mocaccino and macchiato, one of the favorites of many. Do you want to learn how to prepare it?

What do you need to prepare a good coffee latte?

Enjoying this coffee at home should be considered mandatory, as it is the best thing to do. So, in Café 1820, you will learn how to make a latte that has nothing to envy those sold in the cafeteria.


œ cup of milk for the mixture

Πcup of milk for the foam


Cinnamon to decorate

Sugar or sweetener to taste

Coffee latte ready in 5 steps

As we have already mentioned, preparing this type of coffee is an art and if you do it following its exact steps, you will not want to go to drink it anywhere other than at home. Take note and learn how to enjoy this delicious variation of coffee:

Step 1: Heat the œ cup of milk that you will combine with the espresso and pour it into a cup according to the quantity.

Step 2: prepare the espresso coffee, following the process of the instructions and serve it in the cup with the milk.

Step 3: vaporize the Πof milk that is destined for the foam and place it on top of the previous mixture.

Step 4: I added the sugar or sweetener to taste.

Step 5: place the cinnamon and decorate like a professional.

Coffee with milk and coffee latte, are they the same?

They definitely are not, even though they are translated that way in Italian. Coffee with milk is a simple drink that does not require much effort or knowledge to prepare it. This is because, although it has the same ingredients, the milk does not need to be steamed. In addition, it should not be prepared with exact measurements or following a procedure, but ends up being more to the taste of the coffee drinker.

While the latte must have the precise amounts to obtain that delicious drink, the perfect mix between coffee, milk and foam.

Do you already know how to prepare your coffee latte?

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