Macchiato coffee: from Italy to your heart

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Macchiato coffee: from Italy to your heart

Macchiato coffee

Macchiato coffee is one of those Italian jewels that have become popular beyond the borders to reach the palate of many lovers of good coffee. This type of espresso coffee has a shot of hot milk or milk foam topping the coffee.

Do you want to prepare it from the comfort of your home? At Café 1820 we tell you how to do it.

The origin of coffee macchiato

This type of coffee emerged in Italy when baristas began adding a touch of milk to traditional espresso coffee. The word macchiato means «that stain on the drink.» The term was used between baristas and waiters to separate espresso from those other coffees that had a little milk or foam.

This coffee is an option for those who like the intense flavor of espresso, but are captivated by a slightly more diluted flavor with a creamier texture. This coffee is ideal for when you want to enjoy a coffee that is still strong, but sweeter and more balanced.

The presence in other countries

The origin of this coffee can be traced back to the 80s in Italy, but other coffees with similar preparations have emerged in other countries. For example, in Portugal there is a style of coffee called «pingado» that has a few drops of milk. In Australia, for its part, there is one that is served in a large portion and consists of two servings of espresso and a little milk.

Chains like Starbucks have also created their own recipes, adding extras like different types of milk or candy to the drink. Likewise, it is very likely that in different countries where coffee consumption is extensive, coffees with very similar recipes are a constant.

The macchiato left Italy traveling through Europe and the rest of the world, changing and adapting to the taste of each country it arrived in. Today the recipes for the preparation of this style of coffee are many, each with its peculiarities.

How do baristas prepare it?

Baristas, like good professionals, have their different versions of this coffee. Thus, two ways of preparing it have become popular. One of them is served in a large mug with two layers of milk, one of them cold and the other hot.

The other is the espresso macchiato that is served in a small cup almost reaching the edge of it, the rest is filled with hot or cold milk. Some baristas prefer to use only the milk foam for the preparation, a soft foam that is added little by little to the coffee.

Although there is a basic or traditional recipe, it is personalized to the taste of those who request the coffee or the style of the barista when it is taken in an establishment or a tasting is carried out.

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