How to make milk foam at home?

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How to make milk foam at home?

Who hasn’t wanted to prepare a coffee at home, but that looks just like the ones they sell in the cafeteria? Many truths. Only it is very likely that the equipment they use to give them that special touch is not available. But don’t worry, today you will find out how to make milk foam at home, perfect to combine with your drink and without the need for a vaporizer.

milk foam at home

As you know, milk is an essential complement for the different varieties of Costa Rican coffee that are usually prepared. However, it is normal that at home the same results are not achieved in terms of presentation that we may like, unlike when we go to a cafeteria that serves coffee at a higher level that makes it look gorgeous.

Tricks to make milk foam at home

Normally in cafes or restaurants where they offer coffee with perfect milk foam, it is because they use equipment known as a vaporizer. This is perfect for raising or whipping the milk without difficulty, a situation that makes it almost impossible when we want to imitate this result at home. Therefore, to get a similar result, apply these tricks:

1. Milk foam at home with a jar

Getting milk froth at home with this method may be the most exhausting, but when you see the result you’ll know it was worth it. Choose an airtight container that closes precisely, first place 100 ml of cold whole milk inside the container, cover it and shake for approximately 1 or 2 minutes, it may be a little longer.

Everything will depend on the force that you apply in the movements, however, for this modality we suggest not exceeding the amount of 100 ml, because the procedure would not work. When you get the result, it will be ready to serve.

2. Microwave milk foam at home

This method is very similar to the previous one, it differs because with this the result would be a hot foam. Therefore, to begin with, place the desired amount of milk in a jar. In this case, you can use more than 100 ml, without problem, since the part that does not rise can be used without problems for coffee.

Heat the milk in the microwave for a minute. When you remove it, you will be able to see how the foam is positioned at the top and below is the excess of liquid milk that did not rise, but that can be used to make a latte or cappuccino. With a spoon you can separate the milk foam and place it on the presentation of the drink you want.

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