Specialty or commercial coffee?

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Specialty or commercial coffee?

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If you like coffee and want to know more about choosing quality beans, today we will tell you everything about specialty and commercial coffee. Two variants that you should know if you really consider yourself a lover of this delicious drink.

Did you know that most of those who drink coffee do not know the differences between a specialty coffee and a commercial one? And if you think that there is no greater relevance in these distinctions, you have to continue reading. At Café 1820 we want to explain this to you so that you can make an appropriate decision on your next purchase.

What is a specialty coffee and what are its characteristics?

Specialty coffee is usually a confusing name for consumers, because in most cases they relate it to the existence of different preparation methods. However, it is not about the technicalities of its preparation or the variety of drinks, it is really a title associated with the quality of the grain.

Therefore, according to the Specialty Coffee Association, specialty coffee comprises those variants grown, harvested and distributed by a chain of individuals who establish quality as the most relevant priority in their business.

To explain it with a clear example, a Costa Rican coffee without defects to be a specialty must receive 80 points or more on a scale of 100. This is a rating given by certified tasters that take into account specific factors such as the care of the grain from its cultivation to the elaboration of the final cup.

Notable Features

Among its most notable features are the following:

  • The grains come from geographical areas specially designated for coffee cultivation.
  • Arabica coffee species are used.
  • The harvest, selection, processing, storage, roasting, grinding and extraction are carefully controlled.
  • They have to inform on their labeling the date of roasting, the origin, the height of the cultivation area, the harvesting process and the specific variety.
  • They have a distinctive flavor above the average.
  • The purchase of coffee always benefits the farmer, by paying fair prices that benefit both the seller and the farmer.

Why do experts advise opting for a specialty coffee rather than a commercial one?

Commercial coffee, in general, is of lower quality, since it generally fails to reach the minimum score to be a specialty (80 points). In the same way, in most of its presentations it uses defective grains and in its brand objectives it is made clear that it is intended for mass consumption.

For these reasons, experts recommend that specialty coffee be consumed at home to adapt the palate to the quality of these beans. In this way the person will differentiate if he is taking commercial variations in a cafeteria and could demand what he is really paying.

In addition, the pleasure of consuming a quality product will elevate the routine experience of those who are suited to coffee in their day to day life.

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