The best gifts for coffee lovers

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The best gifts for coffee lovers

gifts for coffee lovers

Looking for gifts for the coffee lovers in your family? At Café 1820 we have ideas that you will love. Prepare a delicious macchiato coffee and take note that you will shine at your events by always giving the best gifts.

Where to find gifts for coffee lovers?

We all have a friend, family member or acquaintance who is a coffee lover. It is likely that you are that friend and are looking for options to put on the gift list of the Christmas exchange.

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t love coffee? Its smell, its taste, that feeling of calm, who does not like to feel that way?

That is why, if you have a friend who cannot start the day without having a coffee (or you are), seeing a cup to drink your coffee in your birthday present is pure magic. And it is that this gift implies that the person who gives it invested, at least, a couple of hours in finding it.

A gift is always an act of love and importance!

You can visit gift shops, department spaces or buy in virtual spaces like Amazon. We are sure that you will find the ideal gift.

Some ideas

The Café 1820 team has gone through the Santa Claus lists well and came across the most popular gifts from coffee lovers. This was done for the sole purpose of helping you find the perfect gift for that special someone.

Take note.

1. Automatic skimmer

In the world of coffee, what is left over are traditional or innovative presentations to consume this drink regardless of the time and place. At the same time, one of the most popular are those with frothy milk that gives a creamy and smooth texture to the coffee composition.

Therefore, if you are thinking of gifts for coffee lovers, we recommend that you buy an automatic frother. These come in different presentations and in a wide price range.

2. Airtight jars for storing coffee

The hallmark of ground or bean coffee is its pleasant aroma, but this is lost when exposed to the surrounding environment for too long. So, knowing that preserving it is very important so that it lasts intact, there are jars that store it hermetically.

The purpose of these jars is to protect your coffee beans from any unwanted contact with the outside and from the loss of their aromatic essence.

3. A stainless steel filter

One of the best gifts for coffee lovers is a stainless steel filter, since a recurring problem is the cleaning of those that are made with fabric. These are further discredited by the fact that they are not durable and by the fact that the other common option is disposable paper.

When you choose a stainless steel one, it usually has an innovative design that can be considered as a decorative element for the kitchen of whoever is going to receive it.

4. Cups and thermos for drinking coffee

Few things are more associated with frequent coffee consumption than a personalized mug or the use of a thermos that can transport it without unforeseen events. Which serve the purpose of maintaining its temperature for long hours.

Therefore, it is a great option to choose some mugs with a design that you consider appropriate for the honoree. And if you want to go further, buy a thermos. We are sure they will think of you over a good cup of coffee.

5. A kit of Café 1820

A coffee lover knows how to recognize quality products and is pleased to meet new brands that meet their expectations and expand their horizons. For this reason, giving a Café 1820 kit is undoubtedly the best Christmas gift. Our selection of coffee beans meets the requirements of the most demanding palates.

Without a doubt, your gift will be perfect with Café 1820, and we will be happy to be there!

Take us home!

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