The coffee growing areas of Costa Rica

Did you know that in Tico lands there are eight coffee-producing areas? It is like that, so if you are a lover of this grain, we invite you to discover the coffee growing areas of Costa Rica, so that you dare to delight each one of its specialties. Each one of them offers different nuances, aromas and flavors that make a big difference compared to what is achieved in other latitudes.

Costa Rica coffee is one of the most requested, since, being a country privileged by its climate, with so much variety it is possible to satisfy all customers with the most exquisite tastes. For tastes and flavors, so I kept reading and getting to know the coffee of each coffee growing area of Costa Rica:

1. Central Valley

It was in this area where the process of planting coffee began, to later be taken to the different regions. With its 3 volcanoes that surround Irazú, Barva and Poás, the lands have become ideal and fertile places with innumerable properties and nutrients that favor the harvest of this grain as it is the most balanced of all.

2. Tres Rios

In the case of the Tres Rios area, its lands are also influenced by volcanic ash from the Irazú, which allows obtaining a grain that has hard characteristics and a closed fissure level. When preparing it, an intense, acidic and pleasant flavor is obtained, which allows you to enjoy its flavor for a long time.

3. Turrialba

In this area the rains are constant, which allows to obtain the Caturra and Catuaí red coffee varieties, these being large grains. Which offer a particular flavor with a lot of aroma.

4. Brunca

This coffee-growing area of Costa Rica has the particularity of producing two different coffee beans, since they are harvested in two different cantons. The first in the Coto Brus Canton, its type of grain is hard of medium quality, which offers a coffee with normal aroma and acidity. In the Pérez Zeledón Canton, the Caturra and Catuaí types are grown with a 100% Arabica level, of great quality and size, which provides a coffee with first-rate aroma, flavor and quality.

5. Guanacaste

This coffee is characterized by being small in size, but hard. Which has an open fissure that displays an exquisite aroma.

6. Tarrazu

Tarrazú is the most popular area in the Tico culture for being a coffee grower. In this area, the beans with the most intense and defined flavor of coffee are grown, which in turn give a very particular aromatic smell.

7. Orosi

For lovers of chocolate-scented coffee, the one from this area is perfect, as it produces a large, homogeneous bean with an intense cocoa flavor. It has a light flavor and medium acidity that makes it the perfect type for making espresso.

8. Western Valley

Finally, the coffee from the western zone is totally different from the previous ones, due to the fact that its flavor highlights an aroma of orange, peach and dark chocolate. Being one of the most balanced and balanced between its texture, color and flavor.

Do you know what area your favorite coffee is from?

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