The keys to grind coffee perfectly

Molienda ideal para café

At Café 1820 we always recommend the use of coffee beans to make the perfect coffee, grinding only the amount of coffee you will need at the precise time of preparation. For American coffee and for all different types of coffee, the ideal grinding will result in the ideal coffee.

The keys to grind coffee perfectly

You can grinder your coffee beans using coffee Grinders. Every great cup of coffee starts with freshly ground coffee: grinding your coffee beans just moments before brewing. For this reason, you have to select the perfect coffee grinder.

Blade grinders are fine for basic use. It offers to you some advantages, like:

  • To operate. Just pulse the button.
  • To Olean. The simple design with only one moving part, who is the blade.
  • To Store. Its small size does not need a big space.
  • Pop some coffee beans in and it grinds fast.

Burr Grinders. Typically, the burr position can be adjusted to regulate the grind size, because the beans between a moving grinding wheel and a non-moving surface. The burr grinders provide a much more even and consistent grind. There are two different types of burr grinders:

Wheel Burr. The higher rotation speed of the wheel can make these grinders noisier and messier.

Conical Burr. The burr spins slower than the wheel model, which makes them quieter and with much more order.

Advantages to use burr grinder:

  • It gives to you an even grind to get a better cup of coffee
  • You can broad Grind Adjustments: grinds coarse to fine.
  • The burr grinder preserves the flavor.

Grinding types

To test the type of grinding that coffee has, you need to have your hands clean, because your fingers will show you the type of grinding.

Coarse grinding. This is the grinding is ideal for coffees prepared in French press style coffee machines. If a coffee with a fine grind is placed in this type of coffee machine, what will happen is that you will find traces of the coffee powder in your cup. This is because the filter mesh does not have the retention capacity with such fine particles, ending up said particles in the drink.

Medium-thick grinding. Some types of extraction, such as that carried out by a vacuum coffee maker or coffee that is used in a percolator, find their ideal grinding point between the coarsest granules and the medium grind.

Medium grinding. This type of grinding is intermediate: it facilitates the contact of water with coffee, but without shortening the extraction period, which occurs with fine grinding. If you are one of the people who likes to drink American coffee, this type of grinding is ideal for you and you can find it in the delicious flavor of Café 1820.

If you choose a coffee with an extra fine grind, your American coffee will have a more bitter taste, this as a consequence of the over extraction to which it will be subjected. Take into account that the amount of coffee used to prepare an American coffee should be between 7-8 grams per 100ml of water, although it will already depend on your preferences.

Fine grinding. It is the ideal grinding to prepare espresso coffee. Fine grinding ensures that the water comes into contact with as much coffee as possible and that, in this way, extraction can occur more quickly.

Café 1820’s grinding is classified as fine or medium fine for drip or direct infusion machines.

Extra fine grinding. This grinding is usually used in Turkish type coffees, which need a granulation so fine that it is almost dissolved.

Now that you know how to enjoy more about the type of coffee grinding, go ahead and discover the delicious flavor that Café 1820 has to offer. Know our products.