The perfect proportion for your coffee

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The perfect proportion for your coffee

La proporción perfecta para tu taza de café

There are foods and drinks considered globally as an inseparable element of the daily routine of millions of people, and those that contain caffeine are the protagonists of the mornings due to their energizing effect.

For this reason, knowing the perfect proportion for your cup of coffee is more than important. In this way you will simplify its preparation and achieve that flavor that you like so much with a simple formula to follow.

At Café 1820 we want to give you some recommendations so you can prepare a delicious cup of coffee with the perfect flavor.

How to get the perfect proportion for your cup of coffee?

Much of the success of coffee as an energy drink in so many countries with such diverse cultures and populations is the simplicity of its preparation. Well, in its original recipe, you only need hot water and coffee, a presentation that can vary from a traditional granule to a powder with instant dissolution.

Now, if you want the flavor to be balanced without feeling that the bitterness of the grain is too strong or that the water has exceeded its adequate amount, you have to follow the following recommendations. Since they define the perfect proportion for your cup of coffee that you enjoy

1. The right measure of water

It is the most important step for you to guarantee the perfect proportion for your coffee, since the correct dissolution of the product depends on it. So when preparing it you have to take into account that 60 grams of coffee is the right amount for a liter of water, leaving that the viable formula for an average cup would be approximately 4 or 5 grams.

2. The coffee maker

Not all coffee makers work in the same way, an electric one does not store the same amount of water as an Italian Greek, for example. In the same way, there are some that require minimum quantities for their operation, and in most cases these range from enough water for two or three cups, to powdered coffee that would fill three tablespoons.

3. Choose coffee with quality beans

The quality of the bean is also another relevant factor to obtain a perfect proportion for a cup of coffee. This is due to the fact that a better coffee is more easily diluted and impregnates the water with its flavor and aroma, without requiring excessive amounts of product.

Other recommendations for the perfect cup of coffee

If you are looking to enjoy Costa Rican coffee in a proper way under what is considered a perfect proportion, you have to pay attention to two key elements. The first of these is the temperature of the water, as experts advise waiting 30 seconds after it boils before adding it to the grain that will be strained.

The correct storage without exposure to the humidity of the coffee is also necessary if you seek to preserve its aroma and consistency. Thus guaranteeing that the proportion of coffee with water will remain the same regardless of the age of the available coffee.

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