The tips you need to prepare a perfect espresso coffee

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café expresoThe tips you need to prepare a perfect espresso coffee

Coffee is a world-famous drink and, for this reason, there is more than one way to prepare it: espresso coffee, Irish or American coffee, to name a few. Regardless of what you like, coffee preparation is the most important time to start your day in a good way: a coffee is ideal at any time of the day, but poorly prepared coffee can ruin all day. In this blog, we will give you the necessary advice to prepare the perfect espresso coffee from the comfort of your home.


The origins

Espresso has its origins in Italy. The espresso coffee machine arises in 1901, during the Industrial Revolution. At this time, due to the growing progress, the urgency of having greater production in a shorter time forced everyone to go at the same pace, including coffee shops.

For this reason, Luigi Bezzara registered a patent for a machine that had two groups with filter holders, in which the compressed coffee could be held and, through the mechanism, the coffee was ready in a short time. But it was in 1905 when Desiderio Pavoni bought the patent, which began the production of the first commercial express machine.


The tips you need to prepare a perfect espresso coffee

Buy a good coffee. If you choose a low-quality coffee, you will get a big disappointment when preparing espresso coffee. The coffee you use should be freshly roasted. Roasting depends on the aroma and properties of coffee, so you must ensure that the date of roasting is recent.

Coffee Bean. For a better result, you can bet on coffee beans, since coffee begins to release its aroma (and with it, its properties) when it is ground. Is best if you do this process at home! To prepare a good espresso coffee, it is necessary to ensure that the grinding is homogeneous and finer than the used to prepare coffee in a filter coffee maker. You can make a good coffee grinder, manual or electric: the so-called » grindstone coffee grinder » is ideal: avoid grinders with blades.

Water. In espresso coffee it is important to take care the type of water used. This must be completely clean, without smell, color or taste. Never use boiling water to speed up the process: the water temperature must be constant, and in manual espresso brewing processes, it is recommended to add the water just before it is boiling.

Amount of coffee and water. Remember that using more water than is required results in a coffee with a lighter color, a smaller body and a weak aroma. The amount of coffee for each infusion is also important. Different types of coffee makers have different settings, which is a great help not to exceed the correct amount.

Extraction time. The extraction time will depend on several factors, such as the amount of coffee used, the milliliters of coffee that are intended to be obtained and the type of coffee. A simple espresso of 30 ml, with about 7 gr of coffee will have an optimal extraction time of approximately 25 seconds. An espresso of the ristretto type uses 15 gr of coffee for 30 ml and its extraction time is 17 seconds.

The cup: its importance. To serve your espresso coffee, use a cup that is at a suitable temperature, for which you can prepare it before starting to prepare your coffee. It is possible to find cup warmers that keep them at a temperature that ranges between 50-55ºC. However, there is a more practical solution with the same level of effectiveness: placing the cups upside down in the upper tray that express machines usually enable for this.

The coffee at the moment. Do not prepare espresso coffee to consume later or to reheat it. No coffee should be reheated, as it loses its aromatic and flavor properties. Drink your coffee and enjoy that special time for you.

Coffee’s conservation. Unused coffee should be kept in a cool, dry place, away from light, ensuring that it is tightly closed to minimize the oxidation process of coffee, which initiates contact with air.

No matter the time of the day, the espresso is delicious. Dare to prepare it in the comfort of your home, always using coffee beans of the highest quality. Meet the delicious flavor that Café 1820 has for you. Visit our Amazon online store and get the highest quality coffee.