Tips for Entertaining Children During Quarantine

Entretener a los niños durante la cuarentenaEste año es

This year is different from the previous ones. Too much, actually. Things have completely changed. Shopping at the supermarket are fast, some shops are closed and the coffee properties have been reduced to relaxing a little bit in the morning. Covid-19 gave a twist to the routine of all the people around the Globe: some people no longer to travel to their offices, there are no museums or recreational parks open to the public, tourist attractions remain closed and schools have decreed a recess for children do not expose themselves to the disease… What happens to children during quarantine? There are no activities for them, like swimming or the soccer club, and you know that being in front of the TV all day is not ideal for the children. But what else can be done?

Tips for Entertaining Children During Quarantine


Fortunately, television is not the only option. Several companies, like Café 1820, take care by the people and they have proposing home activities for all the family. The first thing you have to do is inform to the children of the current situation: how Covid-19 is transmitted, what are the symptoms and prevention measures. Once the kids have understood the situation, it is time to work in some activities to beat the quarantine boring days.

To entertain children during quarantine, Café 1820 recommends:

Physical activity. To start the day with energy, an exercise routine is the best option. On YouTube you can search for some exercise or yoga routines. When you teach your children to get involved in physical activity, discipline is encouraged on them and, most importantly, helps mitigate the stress that quarantine can cause.

In this blog you can find some exercises to do with kids at home.

And we share to you a video to get inspired:

Reading. Books offer the possibility of traveling without leaving home. Sharing this activity with your children will be an exciting adventure. And if you are looking to increase vocabulary and develop debate skills, you need to choose a book that is appropriate for your age and read it. Maybe 30 minutes of reading a day is perfect to start. On you can find and download a lot of classic books for your kids without go out at home.

Crafts. Drawing with colored pencils, markers, watercolors, or acrylic paints is a good option. It is also possible to search the internet for instructions on how to make origami or some crafts with paperboard boxes. These activities strengthen children’s motor activities and, at the same time, develop the imagination.

You can look and find some crafts for your kids in Good House Keeping you will find many ideas to strengthen your children’s creative skills. In the company of them, choose the craft that most attracts their attention.

Cook. This does not mean that children will be exposed to the risk of coming into contact with hot water or boiling oil. If you are a fan of desserts, in Taste of home you can find simple recipes to make fruit salads, pie, cakes, cookies, jellies and more. Activities in the kitchen help children follow a sequence of instructions, improving their discipline and increasing their attention spans.

Time to school activities. Quarantine will not last forever, so you need to be up to date with school lessons. You can make use of your children’s books and notebooks. Take a few minutes a day to review what you have learned at school. If teachers send homework and school activities, find out how to do it. This would be an excellent opportunity to develop self-learning skills.

If you are looking for educational and fun activities for your children, we recommend you the games to PBS Kids: it is an educational portal with various interactive games for your children to learn by playing. Or, if your kids like puzzles or fun facts, try with How Stuff Works.

Children’s agenda. Just as you keep track of the activities you will do throughout the day; children should plan the activities they will do at the next day. The agenda allow to have a sequence of the learning obtained.

Quarantine can be an excellent opportunity to reconnect as a family. Now it is time to look for new ways to get ahead and remember that is not matter the physical distance that must have to exist to avoid infections, we are closer than ever.