Viennese coffee: history and how to prepare it

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Viennese coffee: history and how to prepare it

viennese coffee

Did you know that Viennese coffee is one of the most popular in bars and cafes? This is because its combination of flavors make it unmatched. It has the perfect dose of espresso coffee, semi-mounted cream, sugar and cocoa, which will delight your palate. Also, it is poured into a transparent cup, making it more provocative before your eyes.

Today we will tell you everything about this type of drink, from its history to the best techniques to prepare it.

The origin of Viennese coffee

When you are talking about Viennese Coffee, you have to go back to the 1600s, when the influence of the Turks in Vienna brought the tradition and taste for coffee. Where the representatives of the Turkish army had the habit of making coffee time a social ritual.

However, the inhabitants of this city, after the Turkish army left due to having lost the battle and leaving the existing coffee supplies abandoned, adopted the custom and made it as traditional as a social gathering.

It is even after these battles that the appearance of the first coffee shops begins, not only in Vienna but in Europe, where it is said that this city was the pioneer. Merchants created spaces conducive to pleasant conversations and in turn those who attended them could have sensory experiences with coffee. In addition, they included areas for reading the main news and trends in the world.

The best recipe for Viennese coffee

A Viennese coffee well made and presented by the baristas in the coffee shops is not only related to the raw material used, but also to the dedication and perfection in every detail. We teach you everything you need to know.


  • 70 ml double espresso 1820 coffee
  • Sugar or sweetener to taste
  • Sweet cream or semi-whipped cream.
  • Cocoa powder or alternatively grated chocolate

How to do it

The perfect preparation of a Viennese coffee begins with the elaboration of the double espresso. If you do not have a coffee maker that allows you to obtain this type of coffee, do not worry, just leaving it well loaded will be enough. That is, use little water and enough coffee, then add sugar and start stirring until it is dissolved.

To prepare the cream, in a pot place fresh cream and cocoa powder or grated chocolate, mixing everything. We recommend doing it in a water bath. Then, it’s time to add the mixture to the coffee cup.

As a final step, you must mount the cream with a little sugar and with the help of a spoon put it on the surface of the cup, finishing with a little sprinkled cinnamon. It’s that simple you have an authentic Viennese coffee.

Café 1820, the best coffee to prepare it

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