Most popular types of coffee in the world

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Did you know the different types of coffee that exist in the world?

When we talk about varieties and types of coffee we are not talking about the same. Variety refers to the origin and species of the grain that is harvested and the types are the beverages that have been invented over the years with those different grains. Today we will explain what are the most popular varieties and types of coffees in the world.

Varieties and origin

In fact, the types of coffee beans that are known so far can be grouped into only 4 categories: Arabic, robust, libérico coffee and excellent coffee. However, the best known and marketed worldwide are the first two.

Arabic or Arabic coffee

It is the type of grain that conquers up to almost 80% of world production, undoubtedly the king of coffee cups. Coming from southern Ethiopia, in the first years of its cultivation only its leaves were used to prepare tea.

The caffeine concentration of these grains, characterized by being clear and large, is 1-1.5%, which is a low value. Its flavor is soft and pleasant to the palate, which sometimes reminds of wild aromas and nuts, even acidic touches. Arabica coffee is considered a gourmet type.

Sturdy coffee

It is a coffee bean from a much more resistant shrub compared to the previous one, so it is possible to grow it in a greater variety of fields.

The concentration of caffeine in the grain far exceeds that of Arabica coffee, which is approximately 2-3%, in a considerably smaller grain.

This characteristic makes Robusta coffee a strong and bitter drink, with a less scented smell and a rough texture. Its tasting usually reminds of nuts and wood. It is generally used for blends, unlike the previous one, which is gourmet.

Liberian coffee

Coming from the surroundings of Monrovia, in Liberia, it is a coffee bean that provides a particularly different flavor, so its consumption is not widespread. However, it is a type of grain that is highly appreciated in Scandinavian countries.

Excellent coffee

It was first discovered in Lake Chad, in Africa. Despite being very similar to Libérica coffee in the size of the tree and its leaves, it differs in that its flowers, fruits, and grains are smaller, as well as of inferior quality. Both this type of grain and the previous one actually have a residual consumption.

Did you know…

Humans consume 400 billion cups of coffee in a year worldwide. Coffee is the second most commercialized product in the world, only behind oil.

Types of coffee, depending on the preparation

Here we will introduce you to the most popular types of coffees, and we will help you to know how and what they are made of. Join us to discover what they are!


One of the oldest and most classic coffee drinks without a doubt is espresso, if we look for an exact date we could say that its arrival in the world, commercially, was in 1906.

Espresso is a strong black aromatic coffee. A perfect espresso is served with thick golden cream (foam) on the surface.

American coffee

American coffee is one of the most classic ways of consuming coffee, it is only for people who like slightly strong flavors or with a good presence of flavor.

American coffee is an espresso shot served in a cup with hot water. Many people prefer to drink it with milk, however, connoisseurs suggest that a minimum of milk be added to get more espresso flavor.

American coffee is the leading beverage in sales because both in the US and in Mexico, American coffee is the quintessential method for activating mornings. You can imagine it: it is one of the best selling beverages.

Cappuccino coffee

A true cappuccino is a combination of espresso, steamed milk and milk foam in equal parts.

Characterized by the sweetness of its flavor, it has become a classic of coffee bars. It is very common to sprinkle cocoa powder, grate black chocolate and make latte art figures on the foam to make coffee more attractive.


Latte coffee is one of the most popular, its preparation consists of 2 ounces of espresso coffee and 3 ounces of steamed milk. Some people prefer it with a little cream on top.

Something that is also being a trend is latte art, which consists of creating different figures from the vaporized milk.

Mocha coffee (Mochaccino)

The coffee Moka is the result of the union of coffee and chocolate is of Italian origin and is considered a variant of the cappuccino.

The aroma gives off and the mixed flavor of these two elements makes mocha one of the most popular types of coffee around the world. If you like light and sweet flavors this drink is totally for you.

Caramel macchiato

The most common method is to combine espresso, caramel and milk froth or steamed milk, adding vanilla to add an extra flavor. You can find it in its versions: espresso macchiato, latte macchiato, almond latte macchiato, etc.

We have presented both the varieties in coffee beans and the different types according to their preparation. This drink has become one of the most popular in the world and not only for its flavor but for the different properties that also benefit health.

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