Why can coffee’s properties work as an analgesic?

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Until a few years ago we thought it was a myth of the elderly that coffee relieves headaches. But no! They were right. According to new research, published in Nature Medicine, the properties of coffee can help contain pain, as it acts as an analgesic.

In turn, it allows people exposed to a lot of fatigue and who need to be under resuscitation to perform some activity to achieve it, since caffeine increases the production of dopamine in the brain. So now you know. A cup of coffee can block that annoying headache or sleep that doesn’t let you work.

What does coffee contain to soothe our pains?

It contains certain anti-inflammatory properties that could alleviate the headaches we suffer. What’s more, caffeine is included in many of the pain relievers we consume. But what does caffeine have that makes it so versatile?

Within caffeine, we also find sodium benzoate which in turn is widely used for headache treatments. And, also, it facilitates the reduction of cerebral blood flow, stimulates our concentration and causes the channels that activate the sensation of pain to relax.

How much coffee to drink?

Coffee can help relieve the headache as long as it is not exceeded and its consumption is abused, as it could interfere with sleeping hours and create dependence. The recommendation is about 100 to 300 mg of coffee a day, about 2 cups.

It has been concluded that caffeine can be as effective as any other medication, although the duration of the effect is shorter since it can last 45 to 90 minutes It is an opportunity not to abuse medications without trying to find home remedies before.

Experts recommend it …

Another expert in recommending coffee consumption to counteract headaches is the coordinator of the Headache Study group of the Spanish Society of Neurology, Patricia Pozo.

She explains that there are internal and external changes that trigger migraines. «Blood pressure, hormonal changes, blood pH or glucose levels» can influence it, in addition to continued poor rest, as well as excessive sleep.

By the time these pains occur, Pozo delivers some recommendations that can avoid drug use and coffee is one of those recommendations. Accompanied by a good cold shower and if you can at that time, perform some movement, such as walking or exercising.

Now you know, there is no excuse to suffer more from a headache, look at your nearest cafe or buy Café 1820 online and you will prepare a delicious cup of this warm drink that will make your days more lively.