A cold summer with iced coffee

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A cold summer with iced coffee

iced coffee

Coffee is one of the habits that, once you acquire, it accompanies you throughout your life. And no, it is not a bad habit: what happens is that, sometimes, the weather is too warm for a cup of coffee. But fortunately, Café 1820 can also be prepared as iced coffee.

It is common to think that coffee can only be drunk hot. This is the most common presentation of this popular drink. However, we invite you to add ice to the formula.

In addition to giving you a delicious and refreshing flavor, this is the type of drink that you can even share with the little ones at home.

Iced coffee: a drink with many options

Before starting you have to know that there is no unique and exclusive way to prepare iced coffee. There are many variants to prepare.

Some people prefer to cool their coffee by placing it in the fridge. Others prefer to add ice to create this effect. The option you choose will depend on your taste and the accessories you want to add to your preparation, such as caramel, cream or ice cream.


The most popular version of this style of coffee is the well-known frappuccino. It is the cold version of the popular cappuccino to which slush ice, caramel syrup and cream are added.

You can get a frappuccino or similar versions like a cold latte or ice cream at almost any good coffee shop.

Do you want to learn how to prepare this coffee? This will be the definitive solution, because you can prepare it at home whenever you want. The best thing is that you can also involve young children or share a special moment with your loved ones.

Recipe and ideas for preparing

To prepare your frappuccino, all you need is a coffee maker. In case you don’t have it, you can use your blender. That’s right! Are you ready? Go for it!

Frappuccino in the blender

Brew your coffee as usual or choose to make an espresso. Then, add it to the blender with crushed ice, milk or milk foam and the amount of sugar or sweetener of your choice.

Blend everything for a few minutes and it is ready to drink.

If you want to add a more delicious touch, you can top the coffee with cream or whipped cream, caramel, chocolate or ice cream.

With this recipe you will get a coffee with a slush texture. If you don’t like the texture, you can prepare the coffee and let it cool, then pour it into a glass with ice, add milk, sugar, ice cream or cream.

You will love the result.

Flavor to match

Iced coffees go well with vanilla and chocolate ice cream, and spices like cinnamon and caramel. Also, just by adding milk, sugar and letting it cool with ice, you can enjoy a drink to mitigate the heat.

At Café 1820 we have premium coffee made with the highest quality beans that will allow you to enjoy a range of unique flavors, whether hot or cold. So you can continue enjoying coffee at any time of the year.


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