Advantages of Café 1820 capsules

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Advantages of Café 1820 capsules

Café 1820 capsules

There are so many advantages of coffee capsules and in reality few people know about them. This product is presented as a novel method to prepare the traditional cup of coffee, but with added value.

Versatility, speed, cleanliness and ease of preparation are characteristics of the coffee capsules. With them, you can have a cup of your favorite coffee at any time of the day. But not all coffee capsules deliver the delicious taste of good coffee beans as the end result.

At Café 1820 we design our own capsules, in which we have put all our experience in the coffee market. Our purpose is to provide you with a product of the highest quality that helps you start your day or relax at home or in the office.

Coffee what?

In 2001, Douwe Egberts invented the coffee capsules for the Senseo system. But before her, the Illy company and the Italian inventor Antonino Di Leva designed espresso capsules.

Each coffee capsule has a dose for one serving of coffee powder. The presentation simulates a filter bag and the amount they contain is ideal for preparing a cup of coffee. This preparation is given in a specific coffee machine, which can be determined by the manufacturer of the coffee capsules.

Coffee capsules: advantages

The popularity of coffee pods is not a mystery. It has great advantages that place it among the favorites of the public. Some of them are: 

1. Simple use

There is not much to explain at this point. This type of coffee is ready with only a push of a button. All you have to do is fill the water tank and place the capsule in the compartment and, in less than two minutes, you will have a perfect cup of coffee.

2. Avoid clutter

Making coffee has never been easier. The capsules facilitate the process and, in addition, avoid any trail that may originate when preparing the coffee. This is because this utensil does not get dirty, as it is not necessary to remove coffee residues from the container. What you have to do once you finish preparing your coffee is remove the capsule. And, as if this were not enough, there is no danger of spills inside the machine.

Can you imagine all the work you will save in the kitchen? Find your Café 1820 capsules today!

3. Quality product

The presentation of the capsules are ideal to preserve the product and its properties. This influences the quality of the coffee. As it is inside the capsule, the coffee does not come into contact with the outside, preserving its aroma and flavor in its entirety.

If what you are looking for is a coffee of the highest quality that is preserved for a long period, the capsules of Café 1820 are the kind of product you need.

4. Great taste

With a capsule coffee maker, you don’t have to be a barista or an expert to have a first-rate coffee. You can prepare exquisite coffees from the kitchen of your house. The intensity of flavors and aromas of the capsules allows your coffee to have a smooth, intense flavor with a slight special touch.

5. No more wasted coffee

If you have a coffee shop, you have probably noticed that, when making a coffee, there is a margin of waste. Every time you pour a spoonful, a little bit falls out of the cup. Also, if you use the coffee maker, you know that a lot of coffee is thrown away when it cools down or someone prefers to prepare another type of coffee.

Capsule coffee makers prevent this from happening. In each capsule the exact amount is concentrated to prepare a cup of coffee, therefore only the desired portions are prepared.

This will avoid waste and losses, in case you are in the business of selling coffee.

Now that you know all the advantages of Café 1820 capsules, we invite you to try their quality. 

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