The reasons to choose the Café 1820 Classic Capsules

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The reasons to choose the Café 1820 Classic Capsules

Café 1820 classic capsules

Did you know that the Café 1820 Classic Capsules can give you a hot cup of coffee in just 3 minutes? It is a new and innovative solution to prepare the coffee that you love so much. Are you ready to taste it?

At Café 1820 we always look for the best products for you. Our classic coffee capsules are a solution to prepare a delicious cup of coffee in a short time and go out to fulfill the daily routine.

Enjoy your days with Café 1820 Clásico, the favorite of the Ticos.

Why choose Café 1820 Classic Capsules?


Café 1820 classic capsules

Coffee is the second product with the highest consumption rate in the world. At Café 1820 we enjoy every part of the process to give you a delicious drink to accompany your day. We choose each grain under strict quality control, taking care that only the best are part of our finished product.

With the same love, we look for the packaging that fully adapts to your needs. We know that a cup of coffee is the best company to start the day and that some of the best conversations take place in the company of Café 1820 classic capsules.

How many deals have been closed with a cup of coffee? Do you have any idea how much news has been received in the heat of our coffee? We imagine it and feel so much pride and emotion that we want our coffee to accompany all Ticos in their day to day.

For this reason, we bring you the Café 1820 classic capsules, with 100% pure ground arabic coffee. With them you will have the delicious taste of our selection of coffee beans in your favorite cup, in just 3 minutes!

What are you waiting to try?


Although the aspects described above already propose great reasons for choosing coffee capsules, we also highlight:

  • Although its size is small, in this capsule is the whole Café 1820 process.
  • The decomposition time of the capsules is fast. In this way, the period of contamination is considerably reduced. The capsule presentation has considerably reduced the amount of polluting solid waste.
  • Their practical size allows them to take up less space in your pantry. In addition, capsule coffee makers avoid streaks by facilitating coffee preparation.
  • It’s ready in 3 minutes! In addition, it avoids waste, since the capsule contains just the right amount to prepare a cup of coffee.

Why to choose them?

These capsules do not involve a major investment, so it will not represent an impact on your monthly budget. And, with all the contributions to the environment, you’ll even feel like you’re spending less on coffee than you were previously.

In addition, while freshly ground coffee may be irresistible to many, the capsules have an enhanced flavor. Each capsule contains the ideal amount to prepare a cup of 1820 Classic Coffee.

And, thanks to its structure, the content is kept in perfect condition for consumption. In this way, every time you take a capsule you will be holding in your hands a delicious 100% pure ground arabic coffee.

Take home Café 1820

Having a good cup of coffee is considered a complete experience. Its sound, aroma, temperature and flavor are here to stay and, once you taste the Café 1820 Clásico capsules, you will not want another coffee.

With the arrival of the Café 1820 capsules, you will be able to flavor those special moments while taking care of the environment. Every time you visit the supermarket, don’t forget to choose Café 1820 for yours. Taste the unique flavor that we create for you.

Whenever you go to the supermarket, choose Café 1820. You can also find us in our digital store You receive your coffee at home! Or if you want to order from the USA you can do it through Amazon.


Start the morning with a good cup of coffee, prepared with the favorite coffee of Costa Ricans. Enjoy its flavor and every moment and find delicious and varied recipes that you can easily prepare at


Café 1820 is always with you.