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All about Q taster

Q taster

Taking coffee in the morning is an incomparable experience. You know the benefits of coffee and that is why you enjoy every cup. Also, you love the taste of Café 1820, but you don’t know why. Well, Q taster does. This character is in charge of creating, evaluating and verifying the quality levels of the coffee before it reaches your cup.

Thanks to its refined palate, it can differentiate the flavors and nuances that different types of coffee may have. In other words, the Q tasters are the ones who lead the order of the coffee industry. Did you know them? At Café 1820 we tell you everything you need to know about the Q taster.

What are the functions of a Q taster?

The existence of the Q tasters is quite unknown, not to mention their functions or their importance for the elaboration, as well as the commercialization of one of the most consumed products in the whole world.

The truth is that with their knowledge, techniques and tools they develop the sensory system in such a way that they can generate an exhaustive diagnosis about the future that a coffee will have. It is thanks to their work that you can enjoy the great benefits of coffee.

The functions of a coffee taster go beyond the tasting of a product. That is, they fulfill an important workload. Among them you can found:

  • The Q taster works in the quality control of coffee in the different stages of production. This means that it is responsible for ensuring the homogeneity between flavor and aroma that you like so much about coffee.
  • It intervenes in the creation of new combinations, as well as in innovative products. With its help the different brands can decipher the desired level of bitterness, flavor, body, aroma and acidity.
  • Participate in the selection of the grain, as well as in the roasting process.

What is the difference with a barista?

As mentioned earlier, the relevance of the Q taster is almost completely unknown. This compared to the functions of a barista, which are more widely known by the general public. The reason for this is that they are different professions, although they have the same focus: coffee.

Q taster helps in the selection of beans and the degree of roast. Instead, baristas are a kind of artists, responsible for preparing coffee in restaurants or coffee shops. A barista can also make real works of art with coffee.

This is where the difference between the Q taster and the barista lies. Q taster is in charge of the flavor that we will taste, and the barista is the professional dedicated to the presentation of the coffee.

Tips to refine your palate like a pro

If you want to reach a level close to or equal to that of the Q taster, you need perseverance and preparation. There are Q tasting courses that can help you achieve your goal in the coffee world. And, while you find the course that fits you perfectly, at Café 1820 we recommend:

Drink all coffee you can 

At this point it is not about quantity, but quality. That is, we do not mean that you drink coffee all day, rather that you try different beans. With this, you will learn to distinguish flavors, even if it is the same type of grain. Remember that roasting is the key.

Study the flavors

The flavor wheel is an instrument that allows you to classify coffee in all its splendor. It includes technical terminology, so it is advisable to study it before starting.

Memorize the basic flavors

A coffee can be bitter, sour, salty and sweet. Memorize those basic flavors and, little by little, you will be able to distinguish intermediate flavors, such as bittersweet.

Invest hours of study

Knowledge is the basis of everything. Find out as much as you can about the coffee-making process. Harvesting, grinding, the hardness of the water… You will find many ways of preparation. Prepare some and refine your palate!

Now that you know how to get started in the world of Q tasters, we invite you to choose the delicious flavor of Café 1820 and try our incredible coffee recipes.

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