Coffee as a national symbol of Costa Rica

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On July 28, 2020, coffee was designated as the national symbol of Costa Rica. The intention of this is to celebrate the influence that the cultivation and trade of this grain has had on the Tica identity.

But is it just about trade and economics?

It is not like this. Costa Rica coffee always goes one step further. Our country, in fact, is a benchmark in coffee production.

Would you like to know more? In this article we tell you what you need to know.

Coffee as a national symbol

Declaration of coffee as a national symbol of Costa Rica

Many countries have a first product that transforms their economies, such as oil for the Arabian Peninsula. In the case of Costa Rica, the change came thanks to coffee, since the cultivation and trade of the so-called «Golden Grain» allowed subsistence agriculture to be left behind. In order to accommodate a flourishing coffee industry.

This mercantile expansion allowed Costa Rica the entry of a capital flow that benefited economic diversification. As a consequence, this influenced the establishment of a myriad of sectors that produce and export other crops.

In addition, it shaped the birth of others that exploit the region’s tourism potential and also encouraged the start of foreign investment in the country.

Likewise, the soils of volcanic origin and the rapid spread of the coffee industry in Costa Rica not only defined economic aspects. If not also geographical and cultural. Since they encouraged the settlement of many localities in areas close to the coffee farms.


101 years have passed since the first export of coffee. Our coffee past and the commercial and social progress that derived from this historical moment are something that fills us with pride.

That is why we take this year as part of our identity. This date is more than a number or a component of our brand. 1820 is a number that represents the coffee identity of Costa Ricans.

Since 1820, the national economy has diversified. With this advance, the cultivation and export of other products, as well as tourism, Foreign Direct Investment, shared services and the manufacture of medical devices were on the rise.

Despite this diversification, coffee has remained an important engine of the national economy. Added to this, coffee is an important part of Costa Rican culture.

The latest report from the Costa Rican Coffee Institute (Icafé), presented at the National Coffee Congress, showed data that supports this importance. At present, there are more than 93,000 hectares and more than 38,000 producers that are dedicated to the cultivation of coffee in the country.

The International Coffee Organization, for its part, adds that Ticos are one of the most coffee consumers in the region.

One more reason to be our national symbol!

Consequences of the declaration of coffee as a national symbol of Costa Rica

As the 15th Costa Rican national symbol, coffee will become a protected asset. Which meant in the establishment of various protocols that will leave an equitable regime between the producers and exporters of the grain.

Under the same purpose, the public’s understanding of the importance of this industry for the Tica culture and economy of this century will also be promoted.

In addition, educational programs will be used to promote a better coffee culture in future generations. Based on the teaching of the production and marketing processes of this product.

Now that you know why coffee was declared a national symbol of Costa Rica, we invite you to celebrate it with the delicious taste of Café 1820.


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