Gourmet coffee: what’s so special?

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Gourmet coffee: what’s so special?

gourmet coffee

Premium or specialty? Both are terms used to talk about gourmet coffee. But what makes it such a special coffee? At Café 1820 we have the answer to this question.

The answer is in its seed, which is obtained from a plant that meets certain specifications. These ensure its high quality, complying with maturation times, in a suitable place for its harvest and with a specific form of collection.

What are the types of gourmet coffee?

Currently, there are two types of coffee that allow us to obtain this very special bean that is grown mainly in the heights.


The first is known as “Arabic coffee”, one of the most appreciated in the world. This grain has its origin in the coffee tree. An altitude of about 500-800 meters is needed for its production and it thrives in subtropical climates.

It is a very sensitive plant to heat and extreme humidity. Therefore, it needs a lot of attention for its cultivation.

All this effort is rewarded by tasting their beans, which have an unbeatable aroma and flavor.


The second, meanwhile, is “Robust”. This is a much more resistant seed than Arabica. This means that it accepts a greater diversity in the fields where it is cultivated.

Another difference is that the arabic grain is bitter and is combined with nuances of nuts. In addition, it is often used to make espressos.

What is special about gourmet coffee?

The gourmet coffee starts from a special selection of the coffee tree, as we already know. However, to achieve that special touch it is necessary to comply with a series of steps that make it special:

1. Grain harvesting

For this type of coffee, each process must be done with the care and attention it deserves. In this case, the coffee beans are collected by hand and not by machines, as the selection must be very precise. This ensures that all grains are ripe and free of any element.

2. Wet process

After the harvesting process, the pulp is obtained from the internal part that is known as coffee honey. This is removed in its entirety. After this, all the grains are thrown into a water tank for 24 hours.

3. Sun dried

Grains that have been soaked for a day will have excess moisture. From there they are spread on a flat surface to be dried by the sun, from which a coffee bean with approximately 12.5% humidity is obtained.

4. Artisan roasting

This process is usually very decisive for the coffee beans to be gourmet, since it must be roasted in small quantities. This is the only way to get its characteristic smell and flavor that make it special.

5. Packaging

Finally, comes the packaging process, which is just as important to achieve a unique flavor. In it, use is made of an envelope designed to expel natural gases; thus all properties are preserved.

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