Coffee Myths and facts

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myths and facts of coffeeMost people love coffee but truth is, not many know about the true coffee properties. In fact, even though it is probably one the most famous drinks around the world, there are many myths and facts of coffee.

If you are a truly coffee lover, you should know the facts behind these well-known myths.

Myth# 1 Coffee will give you insomnia


Many people drink a warm cup of coffee every morning to wake themselves up. In fact, one of the components of coffee beans is the caffeine, an stimulant. However, about 75% of the coffee you drink is flushed out of your body within 4 to 7 hours.

It means that drinking a cup of coffee after lunch won’t keep you up all night.

Fact: Caffeine is indeed a stimulant substance, but having one or two cups during the day won’t produce insomnia.

Myth# 2 Drinking coffee will sober you up


This is probably one of the most spread myths about coffee. However, reality is far from the myth. In fact, drinking coffee while inebriated can make things worse because you may feel more alert, but the effects of alcohol won’t disappear.

In other words, drinking coffee while being intoxicated can give you the sensation of being sober, while you are really not.

Fact: As a stimulant, coffee can indeed help you feel more alert, but it won’t sober you up.

Myth# 3 Coffee helps you lose weight


While it is true that coffee can reduce the desire to eat for a while, and that the stimulant effect of coffee can slightly increase your metabolism, there isn’t any evidence to support the idea that it could be a weight loss ally.

Fact: Having a cup of coffee after breakfast or lunch, can help you feel full for a little longer, reducing the desire to eat between meals.

Myth# 4 Coffee dehydrates you


There is no scientific evidence to support the impact of coffee on dehydration. In fact, against what many people believe, coffee doesn’t have a diuretic effect. Of course, you shouldn’t use coffee to replace water.

Fact: The amount of water on your cup of coffee may help to prevent dehydration.

Myth# 5 You need boiling water to prepare coffee


While there’s nothing better than a hot cup of coffee, truth is that to prepare it you don’t need the water to be boiling. In fact, temperature for boiling water is 212 °F, which can extract some of the oils from the coffee grounds, scorching them and changing their flavor.

Fact: The ideal temperature to prepare your cup of coffee should be between 195 °F to 205 °F.

Had you ever heard any of these myths before? Well, now you know the truth about coffee properties. And as a coffee lover, you have some interesting information to share with your friends next time you’re drinking coffee.

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