How to make coffee at Café 1820 style

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How to make coffee at Café 1820 style

coffee at Café 1820 style

Drinking a gourmet or specialty coffee without leaving home could sound complicated, since specialized machines are needed to achieve it, right? What if we told you how to make coffee at Café 1820 style?

The preparation method is quite simple and the result is very professional. Having a cup of coffee has never been so pleasant until now.

Discover the steps to follow to achieve it and surprise your family, friends and loved ones with this exquisite drink. Mornings, afternoons and nights will have a different flavor. Guaranteed!

Steps to make coffee at Café 1820 style

To get the best Café 1820 style coffee, you don’t need to be a professional barista. With three simple steps you can prepare a coffee of the highest quality.

Are you ready to enjoy its delicious taste? Get to work:

1. Prepare a kettle, homemade coffee pot or pot

Place water in the container and put it to heat. By lighting the fire, the magic begins. You do not need a large container: you can heat only the water you need.

You can also heat the water in the microwave oven or using an electric heater. The only thing you have to be sure of is that the water reaches its boiling point.

2. Coffee filter

While the water is heating, it will be necessary to fill the filter with Café 1820. The amount you put in will depend on the cups of coffee you want. A tablespoon and a half is just enough for an excellent cup of coffee.

3. Serve 

Pass the hot water through the filter to obtain the ideal coffee. The amount of water also depends on the tablespoons of coffee and the desired power. As soon as the coffee comes into contact with the water, you will notice it’s delicious smell.

4. Enjoy

You can accompany your coffee with a pie, cookies or with a slice of cake. The choice is yours, but we assure you that Café 1820 goes with everything.

Have your coffee accompanied by your loved ones and enjoy an unforgettable moment.

Tips for a better result

Regardless of the type of Café 1820 you choose (soluble, bean or ground) you can prepare this coffee. The determining factors for the result are the amount of coffee and the temperature of the water.

If you want a strong coffee, add a little more coffee. This will depend on your tastes and those of the people you share with.

The ideal cup

Enjoying your coffee is very simple, although certain factors influence. Some of them are:

  • The quality of the coffee. Buying Café 1820 is a guarantee of quality and flavor. Once you try it, you won’t want to try another coffee.
  • Don’t mix multiple types of coffee. This could negatively alter its taste and quality.
  • Grinding coffee and leaving it unprepared is a must not do. Whenever you grind coffee, make sure it is the amount you will use. It closes the package perfectly, preventing the entry of air.
  • Badly clean the strainer or filter. Although the coffee is of excellent quality, the filter is essential for finishing the flavor.
  • Choose your favorite cup. It seems impossible, but if you drink your coffee in your favorite cup, the taste changes completely.

Whenever you go to the supermarket, choose Café 1820. You can also find us in our digital store You receive your coffee at home! Or if you want to order from the USA you can do it through Amazon.

Start the morning with a good cup of coffee, prepared with the favorite coffee of Costa Ricans. Enjoy its flavor and every moment.

Café 1820 is always with you.