Keys to having a positive attitude during quarantine

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Actitud positiva durante la cuarentena

Time seems to stand still. The quarantine currently experienced by the new Coronavirus is an unprecedented event in today’s society and, for this reason, it is easy for the attitude to decline. Prepare a big cup of the best coffee in the world and continue reading the keys to have a positive attitude during the quarantine that Café 1820 brings to you.


Why is a positive attitude important?

It’s true: Confinement often wreaks havoc on people’s physical and mental health. The daily routine has been interrupted and it is no longer necessary (rather, should not) go to non-essential places. In addition, supermarkets have put strict rules for the entry of people into the establishment. Anyone loses the spirit in such a situation… except you. For you, the situation is not so bad, is it? This quarantine will allow you to reconnect with yourself. Part of this reconnection can be found in the positive attitude, which can increase the defenses of the immune system, because, being in a good mood, endorphins are secreted. They are also known as «molecules of happiness».


Keys to having a positive attitude during quarantine

Café 1820 brings to you the keys to have a positive attitude in this moment:

The importance of sleeping well.

At the moment you do not need to go to work, but that does not mean that you have to sleep in the late night every day and wake up at midday. Try to keep your sleep schedule to get a restful rest. It is important to know that at the higher quality of sleep, it will be better the response of the immune system.

Recreation of daily routine.

In the previous point, mention was made of the importance of sleeping at the same time that you used to do when you went to work to the office. It is too important that you respect the hours dedicated to work and the lunchtime, in case you are doing home office. Do not work more than you should do, because this will cause stress. Organize activities for your free time, such as a yoga or exercise routine, or maybe some painting or reading.

Sing and dance.

A little bit of snacks, get some tracks on YouTube and, in the company of your family, the karaoke afternoon begins. Dancing and singing help release endorphins, which, as mentioned above, are known as «happiness molecules,» which increase the response of the immune system.

Laugh and laugh.

Laughter is a kind of superpower that all human beings have. Laughing is contagious and helps release stress. What better than laugh in the company of your loved ones? You can even do it alone. Currently, you can find comedy podcasts on platforms like Spotify or iVoox, or you can search for a good movie or comic series on platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Learn a language or get a new skill.

Take the English course you have postponed due to lack of time. Looking for a course in French, sewing, knitting, drawing… Keeping your mind busy will keep you away from negative thoughts, and this is perfect for having a positive attitude during quarantine.

Drink the best coffee in the world.

It means, give you a time with yourself. You turn off the television, electronic devices and put your mind to rest, ready to enjoy the exquisite smell and taste of Café 1820. This moment should be away from any news regarding quarantine and, at the same time, get closer to yourself.

It is time to leave negative attitudes behind and try to smile in this situation, enjoying even the simplest moments, such as enjoying a cup of 1820 Coffee. Leave the fear of being wrong: try new things and go far beyond that you ever imagined without leaving home.