Would you know how to identify the best coffee in the world?

Would you know how to identify the best coffee in the world?

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Even though coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, some of us have been very little curious when it comes to getting interested in its aroma, taste, origin, or even the cup it is served in.

Surely enough, throughout your life you have drunk uncountable cups of coffee, but, how would you truly know which is the best coffee in the world? Well, in this short guide we will tell you everything you need to know to identify it.

How should the coffee’s color be?

The color depends largely on the way the grains were roasted. The more intense the color, the more roasted it will be.

Choosing a medium roasted coffee grain would be ideal, so that it isn’t burned.

It must have an intermediate brown color.

Knowing the grain’s taste

To know the taste of a good coffee we must try it first, and to recognize the best taste, you must know that a good cup of coffee has a perfect balance between acidity, bitterness and sweetness.

It is not necessary to add sugar to the best coffee in the world, because it is a bean that already has its own sugars incorporated and its taste is perfectly balanced by natural means. It cannot be too roasted or burned, or else the bitterness would be excessive.

How should its aroma be?

The aroma is the first connection we make with the product and it always gives us a first impression on what we will be consuming.

In good coffee, the aroma should be intense and it stands out by recognizing its most delicious notes, such as floral, fruity, freshness, and sometimes even some chocolate or vanilla notes.

The body, fundamental characteristic

When we talk about the body, we refer to the feeling of density and consistency of the coffee in the palate. A coffee with a good body has a perfect balance between fats and oils and, it also relates to the way the flavor stays in the mouth. The best coffee leaves a feeling of plenitude when tasting it.

The origin of coffee

It is important to know where the coffee we are drinking comes from, because the origin is an indication of the quality and type of grain.

Coffee changes depending on the country where it is grown, the soil’s minerals and the height of the crop. The Arabic coffee grown in Ethiopia, will not be the same as a grain grown in Colombia or Costa Rica.

The manufacturing date

Knowing the date when the product was manufactured is as important as knowing its expiration date. This indicates the level of freshness that the coffee you will taste has.

If you are a coffee lover or if you want to start tasting coffee in a different way, this guide will help you recognize the important qualities of each grain. The best coffee in the world is not hard to get, we recommend you try Café 1820, the best coffee in Costa Rica.


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