The importance of coffee time in the office or telecommuting

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The importance of coffee time in the office or telecommuting

coffee time in the office or telecommuting

Coffee beans are a must-have in offices or teleworking, helping to foster better relationships between employees, as well as serving as a breath from the daily routine. In this way, productivity in the office will be increased: just for coffee time in the office or telecommuting!

Taking a break during the workday to enjoy coffee time at the office can bring many benefits to your company. There is a misconception about interruptions: sometimes, bosses believe that this practice decrease productivity, but when it comes to one more coffee exist many benefits for the workers and the results that are expected to get from them.

Learn more about how having delicious coffee beans in the office and bring to the employees a pleasant space to enjoy them can considerably improve the environment, behavior and integration between the members of the company.

Today, companies are focused on giving greater value to employees. So, through motivation and work well-being, they can carry out their work with enthusiasm and joy. Coffee time can be a simple, but meaningful and special time to improve the mood of employees, thereby improving the attention they pay to clients and their performance at work. Also know the benefits of coffee.

Benefits of coffee time in the office or teleworking


Some of the benefits of coffee time in the office are:

Better connection and integration between employees


Employees will share a moment of relaxation around the coffee machine, which will create and strengthen the bonds of camaraderie, developing better relationships between people that can translate into better teamwork. Coffee time can also be used to build confidence, since conversations not related to the work environment are promoted. At the end of the day, this moment will help employees to be more willing to collaborate with each other.

If it is teleworking, taking a break for coffee at some time of the day will make you relax to have a better concentration.

Increase productivity


Enjoying a coffee can increase your company’s productivity in a number of ways. This is due to caffeine, which is an energizer of natural origin that increases performance, helping to reduce fatigue that can occur in the middle of the workday, causing slowness and some errors on the part of workers. When energy increases, creativity, concentration, and decision-making abilities can also increase.

Consider that 20 to 30 minutes for coffee time in the office can represent two or three hours of high productivity.

Decrease in errors


Coffee makes people alert, allowing them to learn new things in less time. They are also less likely to be wrong. Caffeine sharpens cognitive abilities by strengthening things as important as orientation and perception. As a result, the amount of errors and delays or costs that the employees could generate is reduced.

Commitment with the employees


Ensuring that coffee is always available to employees, as well as the existence of a cozy space for coffee time in the office, ensures that none of them will have to leave the premises of your company to get the drink.

The coffee also promotes a pleasant environment, as employees will receive the clear message «the company is committed to the well-being of everyone, taking care of the details that significantly improve a day’s work.» If instead you have workers telecommuting, also let them know that they take some time to relax with a coffee.

This kind of breaks in offices make everyone feel valued and important, increasing motivation, dedication, effort and retention of talented staff.

Additionally, active breaks allow you to deal with feelings of frustration or anxiety when faced with a difficult task. The moment of disconnection serves to reformulate strategies and seek and find another more satisfying and successful approach.

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