The perfect cappuccino at home with Café 1820

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The perfect cappuccino at home with Café 1820

cappuccino at home with Café 1820

Do you know how to make the perfect cappuccino at home with Café 1820? We want to help you achieve it without leaving home! For us, coffee is something very serious, as it is a drink that allows you to connect with your loved ones.

Cappuccino coffee is no exception. Its flavor is so impressive that it has survived armed conflicts and the passage of time.

To prepare it at home, we invite you to have the ingredients ready: powdered chocolate, 1820 Coffee, milk and dry or velvet milk foam. This last ingredient is optional, but if you add it you will have a delicious result.

For a better aesthetic, use a transparent cup, since it will be very beautiful to see the division of the elements.

Cappuccino at home with Café 1820: how to make it perfect?

Cappuccino coffee is made like any other, but with a special ingredient: milk foam. This, being the main ingredient, requires all our attention to recreate it exactly, like a true barista!

Don’t worry if, by the first time, you don’t get the result you expected. Remember that practice makes perfect and mistakes are the best learning.

In addition, with the flavor of Café 1820, the result will always be the best.

Are you ready to prepare your cappuccino at home? Prepare the ingredients and have the perfect dessert ready to accompany it.

Steps to achieve the perfect cappuccino

The quality of the coffee is essential. We know you choose Café 1820 for that reason, so get your coffee ready and let’s get started.

Getting the perfect cappuccino at home is possible if you follow these steps:

  1. Fill a clean jar with about 170 ml of milk. It is necessary that the container can hold up to 260 ml to allow the milk to expand.
  2. Close the jar as tightly as possible. Then, you will need to shake for 30 seconds for the liquid to oxygenate. This way you can double your volume.
  3. Take the lid off and place the jar in the microwave for no more than 30 seconds. Thanks to the heat, the milk will become thick and as frothy as necessary.

Aspects to consider

To achieve the ideal preparation of a cappuccino from home, in addition to the aforementioned points, it will be necessary to consider other aspects.

For example, all measurements for this coffee are measured by thirds. Both coffee, milk and milk foam must be represented in thirds. Exactly for this reason, we mentioned that the cup should be a few ounces.

The key to achieving a good cappuccino is that these three layers must be kept in their space, until the person decides to drink the coffee. When serving each of the coffee floors, it will be time to decorate it with the chocolate powder, as this adds a sweet plus to the drink.

Why choose Café 1820?

When preparing a cup of coffee, be it cappuccino, American or latte, the quality of the ingredients is decisive for the result.

Choosing Café 1820 guarantees that you will have the highest quality ingredients, always at your fingertips.

Whenever you go to the supermarket, choose Café 1820. You can also find us in our digital store You receive your coffee at home! Or if you want to order from the USA you can do it through Amazon.

Start the morning with a good cup of coffee, prepared with the favorite coffee of Costa Ricans. Enjoy its flavor and every moment.

Café 1820 is always with you.