10 benefits of coffee you didn’t know

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10 benefits of coffee you didn’t know

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Beneficios del café que no conocía

Who doesn’t crave a steaming cup of coffee after opening their eyes? You might have thought that coffee only works to wake up in the morning or to provide a bit of energy to the body, but the truth is that it has many other effects on our nervous system and in the organism in general.

In fact, many studies have confirmed that drinking at least 3 cups of coffee per day reduces the risk of death. Today, we want to share we you some of the most important benefits coffee has for your health and daily life.

#1 It helps burn fats

It has been proven that caffeine increases our metabolism between 3% and 11% and it is one of the few natural substances that help us burn fats. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, to enjoy these positive effects you have to drink at least two cups of coffee a day.

#2 It keeps us alert

Drinking coffee makes substances such as dopamine or norepinephrine increase, accelerating our brain activity. This is why we feel full of energy after our morning cup.

This brain acceleration causes us to be more alert and awake during much more time. However, it is recommended to drink a maximum of 4 cups a day.

#3 It improves physical performance

Drinking one cup of coffee before doing exercise will boost your performance by 10%, thanks to the fact that caffeine increases adrenaline levels, making our body get prepared for a strong physical effort. This will cause fat cells to decompose, being released as free acids.

#4 It prevents diabetes and reduces the risk of suffering it

By regularly having coffee, you would be preventing the risk of suffering type 2 diabetes by up to 50%. Of course, this has to be in combination with a diet to keep the correct weight and doing exercise.

#5 It has essential nutrients

By drinking a cup of coffee we are providing our organism with a series of essential nutrients like vitamin B2,  vitamin B5, potassium, magnesium, niacin and manganese,  besides a series of antioxidants from oriental diets; this being one of the best benefits of coffee.

#6 It protects the liver and prevents cirrhosis

One of the most common diseases in recent years is cirrhosis, which is closely related to hepatitis and alcoholism, but, after certain studies, it has been proven that coffee reduces the risk of suffering such disease by 80%.

#7 It is good for fighting depression

According to a study made in many women at Harvard University, people who drink at least four cups of coffee a day or more, have a 20% lower risk of suffering depression and a 53% lower probability of committing suicide.

#8 It doesn’t increase the risk of having a heart attack

It is well known that consuming caffeine can increase our blood pressure; however, it doesn’t increase the risk of having cardiovascular diseases. This as long as its consumption is in moderate quantities.

#9 It keeps you away from Alzheimer

Many studies have proven the effectiveness of drinking coffee in order to prevent Alzheimer, since it has been discovered that by drinking it regularly, the risk of having this disease is reduced in up to 65%, besides improves your memory.

#10 It reduces the chances of developing cancer

Studies made by the American Society for Nutrition, and a few others made in Sweden, have highlighted that an elevated consumption of coffee reduces the chances of suffering some types of cancer, such as: Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer and Liver Cancer.

As you can see, coffee brings many benefits important to improve our quality of life and health. Start enjoying them, don’t forget to buy at our online store in Amazon.


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