5 Reasons why Costa Rican Coffee is the Best

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5 Reasons why Costa Rican Coffee is the Best

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5 Reasons why Costa Rican coffee is the best

Costa Rica has become one of the favorite destinations for many tourists worldwide. This lovely country has many amazing things to offer to its visitors: beautiful beaches, delicious food, excellent services and one of the best coffees in the world.

If you are a coffee lover, you are probably wondering what makes Costa Rican´s so good, and the truth is that there are many reasons. Starting with the high quality of the coffee beans and not forgetting the dedicated areas for growing coffee.

Why is Costa Rican Coffee One of the Best in the World?

If you are planning to visit this beautiful country, or if you are already enjoying this amazing place, you can’t miss the opportunity to taste an incredibly delicious coffee.  Here are some reasons that make Costa Rican coffee the best:

1.       High quality coffee beans are mandatory

Literally, in 1989 Costa Rica passed a law that prohibited the planting and growing of low-quality beans. This was a way to encourage farmers to seek excellence in all their harvests.

All coffee is produced with Arabica, a specific variety of coffee bean that requires a lot of care and hard work to grow. The results are just satisfying, a mature, full-bodied coffee.

2.       The tropical weather is perfect for coffee beans

Costa Rica is without a doubt a tropical paradise with an amazing weather, that turns out to be perfect for growing Arabica coffee beans. The high-quality product that results from these beans, requires very specific conditions to thrive.

Costa Rica only has two seasons, rainy and dry seasons, which provide the ideal conditions for the coffee to grow. In addition, the soil for plantations is enriched with volcanic ash, this helps the beans to oxygenate which leads to richer flavors.

3.       Coffee beans are hand-picked

Long years of dedicated work on coffee plantations, has led farmers to understand how important it is not to rush the process. Instead of picking beans from a plant at once, they understand that each bean is unique and has its own growing process.

To get the best brew, farmers pick by hand each bean, making sure they are fully matured and ready to harvest.

4.       Dedicated growing regions

Costa Rica takes great pride in their coffee, and they have all the right to. Not only is it required to only use the highest quality beans, but also, there are 8 dedicated regions in the country to produce coffee.

The diversity of the tropical weather allows them to produce a wide variety of coffee flavors. Each one of the regions has their specific characteristics that result in different conditions for the coffee to grow.

5.       Environment-friendly plantations

Costa Rica has laws that make sure to protect their land, by ensuring farming practices that are not harmful to the planet.

When visiting Costa Rica, give yourself the opportunity to taste one of the best coffees in the world. And luckily, if you are not in the country, you can purchase your favorite coffee online.


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