Coffee and Dessert Combinations You Have to Try

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Coffee and Dessert Combinations You Have to Try

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Coffee and dessert combinations you have to try

Nothing compares to enjoying a delicious cup of coffee with a nice sweet snack. There are many possible combinations to choose from, no matter how you like your coffee. From a strong espresso with donuts, to a latte with cake, they all are an amazing combination of flavors.

Why are Coffee and Dessert a Good Combination?

The key for a truly good dessert is that it has a balance between sweet and an opposite flavor, such as bitter, salty or even tangy. A piece of cake, or cookie with this perfect balance makes an excellent dessert.

On the other hand, coffee is bitter, it doesn’t matter if it’s just an espresso, or one of the many possible coffee drinks. So, combining both becomes a delicious snack.

5 Awesome Coffee and Dessert Combinations

1. Cheesecake and Americano

The Americano drink is prepared by combining a shot of espresso with a quarter cup of water. It is a bold, bitter flavor that goes perfectly with a dessert that has a creamy, soft texture. A cheesecake or a red velvet cupcake is the perfect complement for an Americano.

2. Chocolate lava cake and Cappuccino

This delicious match is ideal for people who love sweet desserts. The texture and sweetness of the lava cake makes it the perfect complement for a Cappuccino. This coffee drink is prepared with an espresso, milk and foam.

3. Cappuccino and oat cookies

Again, we find this perfectly balanced drink that means the perfect match for many sweet desserts. The key element that makes a Cappuccino such a good drink to go along with desserts is the fact that it has the exact same amount of coffee, milk and foam.

This strong drink combined with oat and raisin cookies means a delicious mix. Oat cookies have a sweet, yet mild flavor that goes perfectly with a bold Cappuccino.

4. Candy apples and Mocha

While desserts such as candy apple or almond cake have a fruity light flavor, the Mocha coffee has a strong, bold flavor thanks to the certain amount of chocolate in the drink. The combination of both is a perfect match, for those who love a fruit-based snack.

5. Blueberry, coconut or carrot muffin with Macchiato

These fruit-based desserts are very sweet, with a soft texture, which makes them the perfect match for a strong drink, such as the Macchiato. Even though it is commonly confused with the Cappuccino, there is an important difference between them.

A Cappuccino drink is prepared with the same amount of espresso, milk and foam, while a Macchiato is a way bolder and stronger drink that has no milk. It is prepared solely with an espresso shot and a small amount of foam, without any milk.

Now that you know these amazing combinations, try them out to discover new flavor combinations to match with your coffee. Remember that the key to a good combination is having a good coffee.

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