How to identify a good coffee?

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How to identify a good coffee?

How to identify a good coffee?

Coffee is a delicious drink that accompanies many people every morning. This is due to its delicious flavor and the many properties attributed to it. But how do you identify a good coffee? Next, the experts at Café 1820 will tell you what are the characteristics that the beans must have to achieve excellence.

Identify a good coffee: how?

For coffee lovers there are some terms that allow describing and identifying the sensations experienced when tasting this delicious drink. Tasting good coffee is something you can do every day if you learn how to identify good coffee. This is possible considering the following characteristics:

Coffee bean size and type

Coffee shows us that size sometimes matters a lot. The selection of coffee beans from Café 1820 is made considering the size. The premiums are the largest. But, if you are not one of those who buy the beans to grind them on their own, once the roasting process occurs and it is packaged, it’s important considered:


The love for coffee is born from the smell. This attribute is the most notorious and the first one that anyone calling himself a coffee lover should check out. It is a sensory characteristic that allows it to reach even the most demanding palates. The coffee that has an intense aroma and allows you to enjoy each of the characteristics (fruity or floral) are the best.

This feature is the only one you can check out when you visit the supermarket. Therefore, the recommendation of our experts is to sharpen your sense of smell and always choose Café 1820.

Roasting coffee beans

During the roasting process, the aroma and flavor of the coffee beans are released. The longer it roasts, the color will be darker and the taste will be more bitter. On the other hand, those beans with a lighter roast will have a sweet flavor and a higher level of acidity.


This is a characteristic that is known only when tasting a cup of coffee. With this factor, it is possible to deduce the degree of toasting of the beans. In other words, the higher the roast, the lower the acidity of the drink. Good coffees have a low degree of acidity.


Within acidity, it is necessary to consider the characteristic bitter taste of coffee, which must be in a desirable amount so that it does not affect the taste of the drink. The bitter sensation is a consequence of the presence of caffeine and other substances, which ends up giving the body a strong and rough characteristic.

A coffee that is too bitter is not enjoyed and it is not good coffee.


It refers to the consistency and density of the coffee, both in the cup and in the mouth. It is closely related to the oils and fats that are extracted during the process that the grain must follow to reach the cup.

It is in the body of the coffee that the so-called “persistence sensation” is found that remains in the mouth after drinking. The body of the coffee is attributed to the sensation of persistence of the flavor in the mouth after swallowing it.

Now that you know how to identify a good coffee, we invite you to choose the delicious flavor of Café 1820 and try our incredible coffee recipes.

Every time you go to the supermarket, take Café 1820 to your home and taste the unique and genuine flavor that we have for you.