12 Different Types of Coffee Explained

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12 Different Types of Coffee Explained

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12 Different Types Of Coffee Explained

A true coffee lover knows well there are different types of coffee, and will learn how to differentiate them and choose their favorite one among all the options. The truth is there is coffee for pretty much all preferences, from very strong ones, to the sweet affogato.

1. Espresso or Short Black

It is the foundation for most of the different types of coffee, it is the purest form and it certainly isn’t for everybody. The key for a good espresso is a good brewing process, it is served one shot of espresso in an espresso cup.

2. Double Espresso or Doppio

It consists in two shots of espresso in just one cup. It has a strong and heavy flavor.

3. Macchiato

Depending on where in the world you are, it might have different processes, but the traditional way to prepare a macchiato is with one shot of espresso and a dollop of steamed milk and foam on top of the espresso.

4. Ristretto

It is a more concentrated and darker version of the espresso, it consists in a standard espresso shot, prepared with only half of the amount of water.

5. Long Black or Americano

This popular drink is a big favorite among all the different types of coffee. It is prepared by extracting one shot of espresso over a cup filled with 2/3rds of hot water.

6. Café Latte

It is served in a cup or a tumbler glass, with 1 shot of espresso, steamed milk and 1 cm micro-foam on top of the milk. The steamed milk gives the Latte a sweet flavor.

7. Cappuccino

It is similar to the latte, the difference is that a Cappuccino has more foam (2-3 cm) on top, and chocolate sprinkle on top.

8. Flat White

It is a traditional coffee in Australia and New Zealand, Flat White is very similar to the Cappuccino. The only difference between the two of them is that a Flat White doesn’t have any foam.

9. Piccolo Latte

Commonly confused with a Macchiato, the Piccolo Latte consists in a shot of espresso served on an espresso cup, with steamed milk and a tiny portion of foam.

10. Mocha

It is one of the sweetest kinds among all different types of coffee. A Mocha consists in a shot of espresso mixed with a spoon of chocolate powder, on top you have to add steamed milk and 2-3 cm of foam, finally some sprinkles of chocolate powder.

11. Affogato

More than just a coffee, an Affogato is a dessert made of a single or double shot of espresso served over a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. It is served in a tumbler glass.

12. Irish Coffee

It is more commonly found on restaurants than in cafés because an Irish Coffee contains alcohol. This coffee is brewed with sugar, whiskey and a 2-3 cm layer of cream on top.

There are two important aspects that will help you prepare a delicious coffee at home just like a barista would. One is the brewing process, you need to pay attention and follow a very specific process to get better results. The second one, is getting the best type of coffee to prepare your drink.

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