The differences between espresso and american coffee

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The differences between espresso and american coffee

The differences between espresso and american coffee

While both are caffeine-based beverages, espresso coffee and american coffee have notable differences from each other. Although at first glance they look quite similar, especially because of the color, they are not the same.

A good coffee lover, as you are, can distinguish between one and the other by the simple detail of the cup in which it is served. But, if you are new to the world of coffee or want to know more, we invite you to continue reading this interesting article that Café 1820 brings to you.

American coffee and espresso: what are the differences?


No matter what time you prefer to drink coffee: you will always find the perfect type for you. Among the most popular types of coffee are espresso and American coffee. But, despite being one of the most popular, not all people can distinguish between one and the other. This is easy to solve if we start at the origins that have:

Origin of espresso coffee


This type of coffee was born in Milan, in 1906, when entrepreneurs Luigi Bezzera and Desiderio Pavoni, for the first time presented a machine to make coffee commercially. The revelation occurred within the framework of the Milan International Fair.

But, it took several years of work. In 1884, Italian inventor and businessman Angelo Moriondo built and patented a machine for serving coffee. This machine used a water and steam mechanism to achieve the end result. The initial purpose of this invention was to serve the coffee in a faster way, avoiding waiting times.

During 1948, Achille Gaggia presented a new version of this machine, this time without the steam system. In it, by creating high pressures, the production of this coffee is possible. 

Origin of American coffee


The origin of this type of coffee is not certain. However, a good part of the sources believe that it happened during World War II. Italian baristas were trying new ways to make coffee for American soldiers.

At first they used the same espresso coffee techniques, but the soldiers found the taste too acidic and strong. At some point, someone added extra hot water, making it lighter and reducing the hint of the drink.

The most important difference: method of preparation


You know that coffee has different preparation methods. This is where the differences between the taste and texture of coffee lie.

Espresso coffee preparation method


This coffee is obtained from a coffee machine, also known as an «espresso machine», which is designed to achieve a good level of ground coffee concentrate. Using pressure, water temperature and brewing time, a concentrated mixture of strong flavor and odor is obtained.

Its consistency is rather thick and shows a classic layer of cream on the surface. The latter is not milk, if not the result of the pressure to which it was subjected.

Americano Coffee preparation method


American coffee is also obtained from a machine. The difference is the level of pressure to which the coffee beans are subjected, as well as the level of grinding. The grain for this type of coffee is coarser than that of espresso.

The resulting drink is softer to taste, as it is less concentrated. In addition, it is served in a larger cup than the one used for espresso.

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