Need some extra energy? Coffee gives it to you!

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Need some extra energy? Coffee gives it to you! 

Need some extra energy? Coffee gives it to you!

Today’s lifestyle is more dynamic than in previous decades. Between school, work, social events, and children, you will likely end the day without energy. And, in the midst of this chaos, the coffee shops are presented as a safe point, where you can breathe to continue your day. This is not just because of the effects of coffee on your health. Coffee gives extra energy you need.

Coffee gives you extra energy?

Drinking a cup of coffee, you may take up to 128 mg of caffeine. This will depend on the type of infusion you use: espresso, super-automatic, Italian, etc. But what is the importance of caffeine?

Caffeine is responsible for providing energy when you have a cup of coffee. This psychoactive substance stimulates the nervous system and, at the same time, produces adrenaline and dopamine. The latter is one of the hormones of happiness, so yes, drinking coffee makes you happy! And, as if this were not enough, thanks to caffeine it is possible to stay focused for a longer time.

Does it only give energy?

The answer is “no”. After knowing this information, it is easy to deduce that coffee not only gives you energy. This delicious tasting drink also makes you happy and has great contributions to your health, which we will present in broad strokes. They stand out among them:

Antidepressant effect

One of the properties of coffee is its antidepressant effect. This is due to the anti-inflammatory substances it has, such as chlorogenic acid and ferulic acid. Hand in hand with the antioxidants contained in coffee, an antidepressant effect arises, which has been studied and tested on several occasions.

Natural pain reliever for headache

In coffee it is possible to find anti-inflammatory properties, which can relieve headaches in certain circumstances. This is because caffeine contains substances such as sodium benzoate, which reduce the impact of headaches. In addition, it achieves a decrease in cerebral blood flow.

Prevention of type 2 diabetes

Harvard researchers conducted a study that followed more than 100,000 people over a period of about 20 years. The research was carried out over a four-year period and showed that people who drank 2 cups of coffee a day had an 11% lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

It is important to consider that this effect is not obtained with just any type of coffee. It should be a cup of black coffee with about 100 milligrams of caffeine and it should be filtered.

What time to drink coffee to have extra energy?

For all this, it is recommended to drink coffee in the morning or at the beginning of your routine. You can add other shots of coffee throughout your routine. In addition, if you add a sugar or some other sweetener, milk or vegetable drinks, you will have an extra amount of stimulant at your disposal, perfect to fill you with energy!

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