8 delicious recipes with Café 1820 that you have to try

8 deliciosas recetas con Café 1820 que tenés que probar

8 delicious recipes with Café 1820 that you have to try

Coffee is one of the star ingredients in the preparation of desserts and this is not surprising: its characteristic flavor adds a special touch to cakes, drinks, caramels, jellies and other desserts that you will love. Do you want to try a Coffee Cheesecake accompanied by a delicious cappuccino? At Café 1820 we bring you 8 delicious recipes prepared with our coffee. You have to try them!


Coffee 1820: the secret ingredient of your desserts

The organoleptic properties of coffee make it a perfect ingredient to improve the flavor of homemade desserts. Its combination with chocolate black or with milk, since between them they intensify their aromas. Adding a teaspoon of Café 1820 to any dessert recipe that involves cocoa will give you a more pronounced and lasting chocolate flavor.

Coffee is also capable of improving the flavors of spices and the most used aromatic essences in pastry. Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, vanilla, and cardamom taste great with coffee, creating deep and intense flavor combinations for the palate.

It is also possible to combine coffee with red fruits and citrus, naturally balancing the characteristic flavor of coffee. Do you still thinking that Coffee 1820 is just for making a cup of coffee in the morning?

8 delicious recipes with Coffee 1820

Below, we present you the delicious recipes with Café 1820 that, without a doubt, will become your favorites. You just have to click on the recipe name to see it in full.

Candys of coffee lattes

These delicious coffee lattes are the perfect ending to a great meal. Are you ready to prepare it?

Caramelos de café con leche

Coffee cheesecake

A perfect cake to have a cup of cappuccino after lunch or during the afternoon, while you spend time with your family. Follow the recipe here.


Cake of condensed milk and coffee

Who does not want a cake to end the day wonderfully? Find the complete recipe here.


Carajillo coffee

Surely, at some point in your life, you have tried some type of coffee mixed with an alcoholic drink, but this carajillo coffee will become one of your favorite drinks from now on. Prepare this delicious carajillo coffee!

Café Carajillo

Coffee cocktail

A fun and different cocktail to share in a meeting with your friends or family. This drink is prepared with Café 1820, almond milk, coffee liquor, condensed milk and ice. That’s right! An exquisite cold drink. Dare to prepare it and let its delicious flavor captivate you.

Cóctel de café

Overnight with coffee

Oatmeal and coffee, did you imagine? This overnight is ideal for breakfast and start your day full of energy. You can find the complete recipe here.

Overnight con café

Three milk coffee

The delicious flavor of three milk mixed with coffee in a drink? Of course, yes! Whole milk, condensed milk, cinnamon, ice and Strong 1820 Coffee are a perfect combination that results in a delicious cold drink that can be decorated with whipped cream and a cherry. Dare to try it!

Café de tres leches

Vegan Baileys coffee

We know it. The name is something out of the ordinary, as is its exquisite flavor. This vegan Baileys will be an excellent company for these hot days. Prepare and enjoy it!


Prepare 8 wonderful recipes and enjoy these delicious desserts with your family. When you visit a cafeteria, ask if they have Café 1820 and bring their extraordinary flavor to your home.